Author's Note: I've been meaning to update but got caught up with the show Pretty Little Liars. Hate me all you want but I just started watching and I'm on season two now so yeah. I've been getting ideas and I can't wait until I put them in the story. Plus it has been snowing a bit heavy here in New York and I am so excited because I love snow and the winter. Anyways I'm having a mug of home made hot chocolate which I made myself. It was a surprise of me making something in the kitchen without messing it up. Seriously, my mom barely lets me step foot in the kitchen but I finally made something without messing anything up. I tried making oatmeal the other day and well let's just say I had a mess to clean up. Anyways enough with my babbling! Here's the update!

Meredith's P.O.V

The day hasn't been turning out as well as I hoped. Not only are the teachers trying to blow the student's mind with Christmas homework and projects but also wants us to finish in one week of break. Do they really want us to work during Christmas break when we are supposed to be hanging with family and friends? I wanted to shove some homework assignments up some teacher's asses. 

I shuddered as I thought about the big packet the teachers gave us for History and Aconomy. And that's not all. There's more coming up for the rest of the classes. 

I have been waiting for the bell to ring for school to be over so I can run inside my house and stay in bed and watch movies the rest of the day. 

I walked through the crowded corridor until I finally reached my locker. As I was about put in my combination, I saw a bright pink piece of paper slipped through the bottom of my locker. I opened it up and the post-it note fell onto the floor. 

I quickly picked it up and read it.

Don't try anything on Harry or the tape will spread throughout the whole school. I''d be careful if I was you cousin. xxTori

Is this bitch mental or was she just deaf? I groaned and crumbled the paper up and threw it in the near by trash. She is so sick and it seems like I am the one who has to care for her when it real life I would feed her poison and tell her it's her medication on the first day. 

I don't know what the hell she wants. It's like she won't stop until she gets the things she wants and this time it's Harry. Well she wanted Harry from day one but why would you want someone who doesn't want you back? That is just straight on sick. 

Unless, Harry wants her.......  

No, Harry doesn't want her. He told me himself and I will try to trust him. 

I slammed my locker shut and turned around to search for his face in the crowd but failed. I guessed he isn't here. He might be outside. 

I started walking down the busy hallway and finally made it to the front door alive. I opened the doors open making the cold air blow in my face making some strand of my hair go back. I walked down the steps and searched the parking lot until my eyes landed on the mop of curls which was covered with his beanie. I smiled at the view I was getting. He was on his phone and was leaning on his car. 

I walked through the parking lot as the snow squished under my feet. I had my fingers crossed in my pocket that he would listen and not just walk away. I don't blame him. I would've done the same if I was him. 

I was just a few feet away from him. I think he noticed me because he looked up and his look became cold. I wanted to say something but he was already stuffing his phone in the pocket and leaned off the car ignoring me and looking somewhere else. 

"Harry," I called but he just turned around and started walking casually to the door of his car while his hands were stuffed in his jeans pockets. 

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