Oh. Well this is unexpected...

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For some strange reason I didn't tell Harry about my meeting with Lydia. I was going to but I felt so awkward about messing up- again- that I just decided to deal with it myself.

Now that I'm sat opposite her I can see that this was one of my more stupid ideas.

"So." She issues me with a piercing glare. "First; you go to an exclusive nightclub and, in front of the biggest names in showbiz, you dived fully clothed into a pool-"

"I was pushed!" I interject weakly.

"Second; you streak the the hotel lobby in your underwear-" She holds up a finger to silence my protests. "And then yesterday... You appear live on television and make a fool of yourself. This is not the Lennon show. Your actions reflect directly on Harry. I can't help but feel that you have purposefully orchestrated these things to gain notoriety-"

"That's bollocks." I state flatly. "On what planet does someone want to-"

"I warned everyone that you weren't cut out for this before the tour even started." She snaps. "Monica was the best choice and I stand by that. After your little escapades you leave me no choice."

I stare at her, so overwhelmed by the injustice that I can barely speak.

"You should go and pack your bags right now Lennon. You're going home. You're fired."


I stare out of my window, ignoring the bleeping of my phone. Ever since I sent Glen a rather dramatic text 5 minutes ago to tell him I was coming home he's broken the world record for the amount of texts sent per second.

I knew I'd messed up, countless times, but I never thought this would happen. I mean, honestly, half those things weren't my fault.

There's a loud rap at the door and I feel my hopes rise. I rush towards it, almost tripping over my suitcase to open it.

Ty is stood forlornly and he steps in and wraps his arms around me.

"I'm so sorry babe." He says into my hair. "I really am. Honestly, everyone has been to see Lydia, including me, but the final decision rests with her, she won't budge."

He pulls back and I feel tears gathering in my eyes.

"I've just spotted Niall coming out of her office." Ty smiles sadly and I can't help but laugh sadly at the thought of Niall rushing off to save Granny Pants.

"It's been a blast." I say shakily. "I've had such an amazing time-"

"I've got some contacts in London." Ty says. "You've worked so hard Lennon, I'm making it my mission to find you something else, ok? Don't worry. You won't be out of work for long."

I nod miserably. I could say that I don't want to work for anyone else, I could tell him that I want to work for Harry more than anything, but I don't.

"Does Harry know?" I ask eventually.

"Yeah, I told him myself." Ty frowns. "He was mega pissed, he stormed off but he hasn't gone to see Lydia. I think someone said they saw him with Belle."

"Oh." I can't think what to say. I guess Harry wasn't too bothered after all.

"I'm sorry honey." Ty looks genuinely sad.

"Me too." I nod, looking away. After a few awkward minutes and promises to keep in touch he leaves and I slump back against the wall issuing loud snotty sobs. After a while of wallowing I slowly stand up and shuffle to my bedside cabinet to put on a song to pack too. Snow Patrol seems to suit my mood and turn up the volume.

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