When I look at my best friend I realise why I'm so weird

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"Are you ok Lennon?"

Harry turns to face me from his slightly higher position on the trail. We've been walking for over an hour, almost entirely upwards in the blistering heat and I'm the only one that's lagging behind. Even Harry's bulky security men are way ahead of me.

"Uh-huh." I nod breathlessly and plaster a smile on my face. To my utter mortification I can feel my dress is clinging to my back with a huge sweat patch. I'll have to make sure I keep Harry in front of me at all times.

"Here." He laughs sitting down on nearby rock and holding out some water to me. I take it gratefully and sit down heavily next to him.

"It'll be worth it when we get there." Harry smiles.

"I'm enjoying the walk, it's just the heat." I sigh, fanning myself.

"If you can't handle it here just wait until the tour gets to Asia." Harry grins.

"So... Where are we going?" I ask for the millionth time.

"It's a surprise. I told you I wanted you to have an amazing memory of the end of this part of the tour."

"It'll be getting dark soon." I point out. The drive here took over 2 hours and the sun is hovering above the trees below us.

"Exactly." He stand up with a wink and pulls me to my feet. "Come on, only another hour or so... Anyway tell me all about those granny pants..."

I groan as I follow him up the trail.

Finally we're on more even ground and we stop for a minute in awe to watch most beautiful sunset I've ever seen in my life. The sky is streaked with orange, pink and red as the sun casts its last light over the national park beneath us. It doesn't look real, it looks more like a painting.

"Amazing." Harry exhales from next to me. We watch in silence until its almost dark before Harry gestures for me to keep walking. After another 20 minutes we come to a raised flat area and Harry spreads his arms wide.

"This is it!"

I look round trying to work out what's so special about this rock. I'm sure the view over the park is amazing in daylight but you can't see anything at the minute.

Harry's security men begin to check round the area with torches as Harry begins pulling things from the bags they brought with them. He pulls out a couple of lanterns and switches them on before turning back to the bags.

"Are we camping?" I frown.

"No." He grins. "I wouldn't trust you not to try and climb in my sleeping bag during the night."

"Dream on Styles." I mutter. Harry just laughs and carries on arranging stuff.

I help him spread a large blanket and pull two fold up chairs from their bags. Harry wrestles with something in the bag for a minute before gesturing me to sit down and I watch as he begins to pull containers from a large cooler box.

A night time picnic. I don't see why we had to walk all this way but I guess it's something new.

Harry pops a champagne cork, making me nearly jump out of my chair.

"Here." He hands me a glass before calling over to the security guys who are sitting slightly apart. "Do you guys want anything?"

He begins opening containers of food and piling it on a plate for me. Finally, after making up a plate for himself, he sits down next to me smiling widely.

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