Its not the Minecraft, it's the lies

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Oh no.

No no no no no.

Zayn sighs in his sleep and in panic, I edge away from him, moving a fraction of an inch then pausing to check that he hasn't woken up.

Once I'm near the edge of the bed I turn and spot the time. It's not 6am as I thought, it's 8 and my meeting with Lydia and Monica is in twenty minutes. I swear loudly and Zayn shifts in his sleep.

I edge the last part of the mattress and run to the bathroom.

I can't have a shower, it might wake him. I want to be long gone by the time he wakes, but at the same time I can't go to my meeting stinking of alcohol.

Running the tap at a tiny trickle to wash myself I try to remember last night. That bloody sake.

I didn't have sex with Zayn. I'm sure of that.

But then how the hell did he end up in my room? And what was Harry so annoyed about?

I've never been drunk to the point I can't remember things.

Well, that's not entirely true, but I've usually got Star on hand to shove me and Glen in taxis before we can do to much damage.

I feel groggy and miserable as I clumsily apply a touch of make up. I rush into the room and grab my bag, freezing like a mannequin as Zayn shifts in his sleep.

Finally I'm into the hall and I race to the lift, trying to focus on the meeting ahead of me. This is possibly the worst hangover I've ever experienced. Not only do I feel physically ill, but I also feel utterly depressed.

My phone pings with a text. It's from Zayn and I hesitate before opening it.

Hey, I heard you leave but you didn't hear me call you. Last night was crazy haha. I'm really glad we talked about that stuff and I'm sorry again. Hopefully catch up with you later x

Last night was crazy? Oh fuçk what the hell does that mean? And what stuff did we talk about? Why is he sorry?

I take a deep breath to steady myself and slump against the side of the wall just as the lift doors ping open and the person I loathe most in the world comes into view.

Lydia is standing by a door, obviously waiting to show me inside. Her penciled eyebrows raise as she spots me and she glares at me as if I'm something particularly unpleasant in a lavatory. Which isn't far from how it feel actually.

I walk towards her slowly, as if I'm being condemned to the gallows and she opens the door without speaking, revealing Monica's smug face.

I take a seat opposite them and notice that my chair is lower than theirs. I bet they've done this on purpose. I take my seat, feeling like a naughty toddler.

"Lennon." Lydia smiles icily. "Obviously we've had this meeting planned since before your return and our objective here today is to come to an arrangement regarding the personal assistant duties for Harry-"

"I wasn't aware that anything had changed." I cut in quickly. I might as well brazen this out. "As far I knew Monica was covering for me until I returned."

I give Monica a falsely grateful smile and she scowls at me. Lydia's smile widens before she speaks again.

"I think it's worth remembering that Monica is Harry's actual PA. You've merely overseen this tour-"

"Exactly. I still have all the notes, I had to return home for... Personal reasons, but so far as I was aware, Monica was just covering for me." I glance at Monica and she suddenly looks like the cat the got the cream. She knows about the video Belle took... But I'm certain Lydia doesn't. Belle wasn't even allowed to tell Monica technically, according to the contract she signed, but they most have both known that I was hardly going to spill the beans.

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