It's not like I chose this crappy name

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I need a wee.

Bloody wonderful.

I'm about to have the opportunity of a lifetime, an interview to join the PA team of one of the most famous men in the world and my bladder has decided that now is the perfect time to desperately need relieving.

I shift forward in the uncomfortable orange plastic chair, trying to ease the increasingly uncomfortable burn in my stomach.

The door to the girls bathroom is just opposite where I'm sitting. I could run now but I'm up for my interview next and one glance at the over-dressed eager-looking women in the interview waiting room tells me that they're not going to run and get me if I'm called up and I miss it because I'm on the toilet.

A girl opposite me holds up her phone and smiles, snapping a selfie. I watch as the thin redhead next to her rolls her eyes. She pulls at her expensive shift dress and moves as far away as she can on her chair from the girl next to her. She looks like a total bitch and I notice as she spots me her mouth widens into a little smirk.

Shit. I have no idea how I'm going to compete with all these professional looking girls.

I tuck my battered converse further under my chair and tug at my old Ramones t-shirt.

I honestly would have got more dressed up but Tyler locked me out of his apartment last night and I had to sleep on my best friends couch in these clothes.

I only got this interview because my sister works in the industry and she's close friends with one of Harry's managers. This is the final stages of the interviews, the ten other girls in the waiting room have been narrowed down from the hundreds of applications from various agencies. I can't decide if coming in at this stage works to my advantage or not.

I mean, yeah, I want to work for Harry Styles, who wouldn't? But I really need this job, well, any job, and the redhead opposite with her resting bitch face isn't helping my confidence.

Suddenly the girls in the room sit up straight as a blonde skinny guy enters.

"Ok ladies. Next up is Lennon Lovelace."

A snigger goes round the room and I sigh as I stand up.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, that's my name. Lennon Lily Lovelace. If anyone can compete in the shīt name stakes I'd like to hear it.

Obviously, I'm named after John Lennon (pretty cool) a 1920s actress called Lily Elsie (fairly cool) and the porn star, Linda Lovelace (not so cool).

My parents are total hippies and my dad decided through hash-smoke haze of his student days that he'd change his surname to Lovelace and for some really fûcking bizarre reason my mother didn't object at all. Then they lumbered me with an alliterating name. I guess one positive is that we were home schooled because I dread to think what my school years would have been like.

My sister Star moans at me constantly, for yo-yoing between living at home and living with my boyfriend since I was 16, for dropping out of college, for going on tour with my boyfriends band... But really with my name what was I supposed to do? Work in a bank?

It's ok for Star. She's the most aptly named of all my siblings, she really is the star of the family.

While me and my brothers ran wild during our 'homeschooling' lessons, Star worked hard. Even as a little kid she questioned our parents outlandish beliefs about aliens and government conspiracies. As soon as she was old enough she fought with our Mum so that she could go to school. She left with straight A*s got an undergraduate degree in events planning and set out carving a successful career for herself, organising music festivals and working with bands.

Weirdly, my parents are more proud of me, dropping out of college to travel round the UKs crappiest venues with Tyler's band. They say that's more 'authentic'...

Whatever that means.

Star has tried to push me so many times with all sorts of wild ideas, but even I was surprised at this one. Even I get that this is a pretty big deal.

Slowly, I stand up and walk towards the guy who has just called my name. His eyes widen as he takes in my outfit.

"I- My boyfriend locked me out..." I mutter, blushing.

"No worries... At least they'll remember you." He grins. "Come on, I'll take you through."

I shuffle after him, my heart suddenly beginning to race.

I'm about to come face to face with actual Harry Styles.

And worse... He's going to be interviewing me.

The blonde guy shoots me a quick smile.

"Don't be nervous." He says quietly.

Yeah. Right.

I follow him down a long corridor until we reach an unassuming looking doorway at the end.

The guys shoots me a last reassuring smile before the he opens the door and the first thing I see, sat there in all his stunning glory is Harry Styles.

He shoots me a dimpled grin and it suddenly hits me that I'm so not ready for this.


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