Hey, life, do you mind if I just sit this next part out?

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Moscow, Russia

"I'm so cold." I gasp for the millionth time this morning. "I can't get warm."

"Russia is cold! Who would have thought it? In other shocking news, rain is wet." Louis snorts. He's playing FIFA against Liam, who keeps complaining that his fingers are too cold to work the controls (Although I think that's just an excuse to cover his pitiful losing streak).

"It would be alright if the radiators were working." I grumble. I wrap my fingers around the cold metal, trying to extract the remnant of any heat that once existed there. "Lets just get this interview out of the way and get back to the hotel-"

"Oooo is stinky Eric waiting there for you?" Louis smirks, shooting me a sidelong glance as his thumbs pound the controller. "Having him in your bed should keep you nice and warm... Or at the least the smell will knock you out so you can't feel the cold-"

"Shut up." I hiss. To my annoyance, I can feel a flush rising in my face.

This whole 'Lennon and stinky Eric' thing is really doing the rounds. Someone even came up with a ship name for us: Lenic, which frankly sounds like a brand of over the counter cough medicine.

Lydia (no doubt at Monica's bidding) had given us hotel rooms right next to each other but Harry insisted that I was moved nearer to his room and, whilst Lydia complied with this demand, it wasn't without a sly dig about contacts and wondering out loud if I might be getting too attached to Harry.

That's set him off worrying, after all, if Ty can go then anyone can and Lydia would love any excuse to fire me. Harry tactfully suggested this morning that he wouldn't stop by my room for a few nights until it's all blown over.

I glumly agreed this morning that Monica could take Harry for the first part of the interviews. Really, I should have gone too, but she insisted that she could handle it and I really didn't fancy a morning with her trying to belittle me in front of everyone. Plus, Denise has been hit with a heavy virus so I've agreed to accompany Louis and Liam- a decision I've come to regret as Louis has done nothing but take the piss.

"So, Lennon," Louis says conversationally, crossing his legs as he leans back. He gives Liam a smug victorious smile as he tosses his controller aside and returns his attention to me. "What first attracted you to stinky Eric? Does his scent have hallucinogenic qualities or something?"

My hiss of irritation is cut short by the vibrating of my mobile in my jeans and my fingers feel so numb that it takes a second to grasp it properly.

The caller ID surprises me and, with a glare at Louis' cheeky grin, I take the call over the coldest corner of the room. I wait a beat, checking that Louis' attention is back on his game before I answer.


"Lennon?" I feel a not unusual mix of happiness and apprehension at the sound of my sister's bossy, stern voice.

"Is everything ok?" I ask cautiously, wondering why she's calling.

"Yes, fine." She sighs. "I've been meaning to call you for ages, but I've just been so busy! I'm working with Kings of Leon this weekend at a festival in London and I could really use a couple of days off." She sighs wearily. I wonder vaguely when that sentence became normal to me. "Oh, Ty is here by the way, they pulled him in last minute. I can't believe Harry let Ty go! He's one of the best in the business. As soon as everyone heard he was free there was a scramble to get him on board, he's had some great offers. We were really lucky to get him!"

"Great." I try to sound enthusiastic, trying to hide the sourness I feel at replacing Ty with Monica.

"That's not why I'm phoning though, Lennon... I saw Glen this weekend and he looked a mess! What on earth is going on?"

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