Oh look, another bitch to deal with.

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New York

I'm up, showered and dressed for 6:30am. I've still got a little bit of time before Harry arrives so I head out to my little balcony with a cup of coffee and my timetables and notes for the next part of the tour. I check over the schedule and write a list of things I'll have to arrange as soon as we land in Toronto. Harry has written his own notes in margins and I try and decipher the scrawl of his writing.

Finally, I feel like I'm kind of organised and I lean back in my chair enjoying the warm morning and little bit of peace. I barely get any time alone these days.

This is crazy. In the past couple of weeks I've gone from trying to make myself comfy on Glens tiny couch every night to staying in luxury hotels. Gossiping with Glen about the neighbours has been exchanged for being the confidant of one of the most famous men in the world. And it's only just begun, I'm about to visit every continent on earth and watch the biggest band in the world perform every night. I still can't believe this is happening to me.

I'm disturbed from this chain of thoughts by Harry's arrival. I quickly grab my diary then follow him out into the corridor.

"Are you ok?" I ask after a few minutes of walking in silence.

"Yeah." He exhales heavily and rubs his eyes with his fingers. "Let's just get this out the way."

I'm about to probe further but he leans over and pushes open the door nearest to us. Lydia is waiting with Harry's other manager Joe and her face falls at the sight of me.

"Why are you here Lennon?" She asks sharply. "No one requested your attendance at this meeting-"

"It was my choice." Harry replies shortly. I glance at him in surprise, usually he's charm personified, even with Lydia.

Lydia starts to object but Joe quickly cuts over her with a strained smile and asks us to sit down.

"How's everything going?" Joe smiles. "Are you both managing ok?"

"Just cut to the chase." Harry says rudely, cutting off my response. I stare at him, wondering what's got into him.

"Er..." Joe pushes his glasses up his nose and coughs awkwardly. "Well, how did your date last night go Harry?"

"It was crap, but I don't suppose that matters."

"Harry." Lydia gives him a huge false smile. "You know how this works..."

"Yeah." Harry gives her an odd smile as I look between them feeling confused. "I know how it works Lydia."

"Great." Joe smiles widely. "It's only for a couple of months. Belle needs her profile raising internationally and it's the perfect opportunity for us as well, the publicity is always good and you haven't had a relationship for quite some time and those rumours do tend to start up quite quickly."

"Yeah because being single means I'm gay, obviously." Harry says dryly as Joe shifts uncomfortably on his chair. Lydia doesn't share his discomfort and she leans forward grinning.

"So we've arranged for Belle to join you in Canada. You need to make sure that you're papped in certain places, Lennon will arrange it." She waves her hand dismissively at me. "Obviously we won't confirm or deny it but we need to make sure people think it's happening. It's only for a few months."

Harry's jaw twitches angrily and it suddenly hits me what they're all talking about. Harry has to have a fake relationship with Belle.

I stare at him in surprise, I was naive enough to think stuff like this didn't really happen.

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