Yeah well I might be weird but you're a total bitch

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So, here we are. Two weeks into my supposed dream job. Actually it's weird because I think I have less of an idea what to do now than I did on the first day.

I've got used to seeing Harry in passing. He's incredibly friendly to everyone, but aside from him teasing me when he sees me about the fact I actually got the job, I have surprisingly little to do with him. Monica makes sure of that.

I'd kind of hoped that we'd just got off on the wrong foot, but no. She's just an epic bitch. Seriously, she needs to stop watching the Devil Wears Prada or whatever the hell she's modelling herself on.

My main duties are making endless coffees for Monica, collecting her dry cleaning and just generally taking her insults as and when she chooses to dish them out.

Her most recent thing is sending me out to walk her yappy little dog, and that's where I find myself right now. Stood outside the building I'm supposed to be working in, ignoring the way her constipated dog is staring intensely at me as he does his business.

I'm getting a little worried. Tonight we're going straight from work to the Victoria's Secret London opening party. I don't really understand why I have to go, but seeing as Suzy has insisted, I need time to get ready. Monica has filled my day with pointless chores and there's only 20 minutes left before we have to leave.

"C'mon..." I mutter desperately to her dog.

Finally he's done and I yank the bag from my pocket to clear up after him. I can't get used to this bit. I retch violently, my eyes streaming.

"Er... Lennon?"

I turn slowly at the sound of the voice.


Of all of the embarrassing moments in my life, and believe me, there have been many, scooping up a stinking bag of dog muck while Harry Styles stares down at me is definitely in the top three.

"What are you doing down there? Oh god, is that..?" His face wrinkles up in disgust.

In the pause that follows I mentally call Monica every revolting swear word I can think of.


We both turn to the sound of the voice. The girl walking towards us is completely stunning, unbelievably perfect. Even I recognise her, it'd be hard not to when her face is on virtually every magazine cover. Giselle Jones.

So yes, I'm kneeing at Harry Styles feet holding a bag of dog shît as a Victoria's Secret angel glides towards us.

"Harry, I couldn't find you!" She shoots him a perfect smile before catching sight of me, still crouched on the floor clutching the bag of dog poo like it's an oscar.

Slowly I stand up.

"Giselle, this is Lennon, one of my assistants." Harry laughs. "I'd say she's usually more presentable, but I don't think I've ever caught her in a normal moment yet."

He winks at me as I flush.

"Great to meet you." I hold out the hand that was moments before clutching a bag of poo and Giselle looks down at it.

"Yeah... You too..." She smiles awkwardly.

Harry throws his arm around her shoulders casually and makes to walk away before turning back to me.

"Oh, Lennon? Could you ask Monica to text me the details for the first few nights of the American promo tour? I want to meet up with some friends while I'm there so I'll need to know which cities I'm in on which dates."

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