Fox In Rabbits Clothing

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After naruto had told the twin uchiha brothers what happened but didn't tell then about sakura and Ino cause he was scared that they would try to kill him and menma.

The two twin had sat side by side across from the uchihas that were in front of them. "Well then you day seems to be going horrible to day huh" Sasuke says getting up "ill be right back ok" he says walking out of the room and closed the door leaving the three quiet "you know what I'm just gonna go look for itachi" he says before getting out of the room "you do know that was......." "a total lie yes yes I do" menma growled crossing his arms and naruto could feel menma's murderous aurora as the blood kitsune scooted away from his twin, "what......." "what's wrong oh just the fact I'm gonna kill someone if they dare touch MY  sasukie and there not his friend nor mine or a complete stranger of a female I will destroy them" menma growled while naruto nodded as his twin soon looked at him  "what's your feeling" menma asked naruto "well I don't know but I really don't want sakura to get Sasuke though" naruto says "come on I know how you truly feel so why hide it" menma says, "I already slapped her once there no point on bothering with her" naruto replied.

Menma smiled at his twin and picked naruto up on his back as they left the cabin.

But soon while walking around the camp as menma saw Sasuke with sakura who was blushing deeply while Sasuke just looked at her with bordom.

Naruto wanted to see as he looked past menma as he saw Sakura jump sasuke and........kissed him......

Menma felt a dark aroura around him as he looked at Naruto he was ticked "Naruto you oh.....ah" menma had dropped Naruto on to the ground since he got burned and knew what was happening  as he started to back away from his twin and freaking ran for it he ran so fast be had bumped into in knocking her to the ground "get off me  ideot I have to buseness with you" ino yelled pushing him off.

"Hey ino if I were you I'd run for my life before you end up dying" menma growled as he walked past her as she just glared at him.

Naruto had lost control he tried he really tried so hard to not show his anger as he got up and walked over to the pink haired girl who smiled at sasuke while the raven was filled with descust until Naruto grabbed her by her pink hair and dragged her to the forest dissapearing away from the whole campus.

"Listen here Sakura I might've agreed to not be around sasuke but when you just randomly just kiss him you just made a huge mistake you better sleep with one eye open tonight" naruto growled as he made sure to break her arm completely before dragged her back and walked away to the cabin leaving a screaming and crying sakura on the ground  as he laid on hid bed and groaned in pain for his legs "Naruto" someone called "hmm" the blond replied.

Sasuke's POV

Naruto was ticked I knew this cause he dragged sakura off just a few minutes ago I'll check up on his one he gets back.

But first I need to wash my mouth out I could or pushed her away but she caught me off guard the pinky ideot really gets on my nerves so once back in the cabin I went straight to the bathroom and brushed my teeth.

I also used mouth wash twice.

Once don't I heard the cabin door open and slammed shut as I than heard the sound of struggled foot steps while another door was opened than the foot steps disappeared.

"I guess naruto's back" I said to myself as I headed towards his and menma's room until I saw 9 red tails so I stopped and felt a hand on my shoulder and turned around and saw itachi he looked covered in blood a little "itachi where were you" sasuke asked surprised and mad at his brother "fighting" itachi says as he placed his hand on my head lightly "sorry about worrying you brother" itachi replied as he walked to me and sasukie's room while I just crossed arms.

"Tsk brothers" I said.

Naruto's POV

I turned my head to look at the person who was now beside my bed as I gasped loudly and hugged him "kyuubi your back I'm so glad" I said happily as he hugged my back "sorry i was gone for so long something had happened" kyuubi says as he petted my hair softly I didn't want to ask what happen.

"So I see you almost fully snapped" kyuubi says as he looked at me eyes glowing "s-sorry" I said "don't worry about it OK it's not like you mean it" he says before pulling away "I'm gonna go take a bath" kyuubi says before leaving as my window opened I looked over and saw a person who looked like sasuke "who are you" I asked tilting my head sideways "that's for me to know and you to never find out" he says.

I sat up in my bed but this guy seemed to tick me off even more as I growled at him he smelled kinda like sakura I guess he was around her and just the smell of her already makes me mad/scares the heck outa me. But he smelled like ino the most wonder why to that.

"What so you want" I asked as he looked at me "I'm looking for menma is he here" he asked "no just me" I replied "good to know" the guy who could surpass as sasuke says well not all the way as he was no a duck but but any who he walked over to me slowly as I became scared.


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