older brothers gone pt. 2

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Naruto's POV

I slapped her a crossed her ugly looking face and glared at her soon she started giggling like a maniac like yandare-chan oh dear god.

She grabbed my wrist and squeezed it tightly making my hand change colors and it was hurting  note to self note to self don't ever slap a Sakura drown her instead.

She soon stopped laughing and gave me a murderous smile that can give army solder nightmares.

"Listen don't you ever hit me more go near my assume ever again got that or you won't live long enough to see daylight ever again" she threatened as I started shaking like I used to she always scared me so I just nodded and once she left I intently turned into a little chibi as I hid under the blanket as I head the door open and I flinched "naruto" someone says I looked and saw menme he held a strate face but he was straight out terrified once the door closed and he hopped on the bed he was small to like me.

"W-what happened" I asked still shaking as he was by my side shaking "ino threatened me but in an overly terrifing way I'm never turning back until we get home" menma says as I nodded "Sakura did the same thing to me to" I said as we looked at each other I was already cry while trying to stay hidden in the blankets as menma snuggled up to me.

Soon the the door opened to reveal sasuke and sasukie  as we looked at them and backed away but we were picked up "naruto what happened" sasuke says looking at me as I tried to stop crying but I couldn't.

Soon after a while I me and menma turned back to our normal sizes and sasuke and sasukie were mad cause one they found out about what ino and sakura did and well menma was also mad at sakura though was shaking cause of how terrifimgly strong she is.

I couldn't bring myself to hate ino I was to scared to even bother "you two stay here we'll be right back" sasukie says as they both left.

I looked at menma who looked back at me we were both worried about them.

But after some hours they came back and gave us food "OK so about our brothers me and menma can look for kyuubi" I said as sasuke nodded "OK than me and sasukie can look for itachi than" sasuke says once we agreed what we were gonna do sasuke and sasukie left menma found a camera and broke it intently not wanting any information give to who ever put that camera there.

Soon we got dressed though menma had to dress me and we were off as I was on his back and we headed out to find kyuu.

We searched everywhere but couldn't find him on campus so we left to search even though we weren't supposed to.

Sasuke's POV

Walking threw the forest with sasukie while trying to find it achieve its the hardest thing ever and we need our partners or else we won't be able to do anything where is itachi.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and looked to see sasukie "hey sasuke it's gonna be a long time before we find our brother so let's head back to camp ok" sasukie says I didn't wanna stop but I did skip breakfast and it's lunch time now so I guess so "fine" I said as he smiled walking away I followed behind him mad but on the way I saw naruto and menma they probably just got back as well except for they were shaking terribly and looked like menma had ran a morathon and naruto was servearly hurt.

I made eye contact with my lover and he signaled for me to meet him and menma in our cabin to talk about what had happened so I nodded and mouth if he wanted something to eat he nodded back before we went our own direction.

So me and sasukie decided to go get food for the two kitsu's while doing so Sakura and Inu smiles at us while blushing and waving inocintly before skipping away "let's hurry and get some food" sasukie says as I nodded "ya we really should hurry our else things aren't gonna be so easy" I replied as we went to get food.

Naruto's POV

Me and menma sat on our bed shaking as a knock was on our window and luck our ears weren't out our that'll make things worse as menma went to the window and opened it.

On the other side was Sakura and ino as they smirked "thanks for staying away from out property and what happened" Sakura asked "none of your business" menma growled "oh course it is" ino says leaning on the window seal than looked at me with her pail blue eyes and just smirked "hey naruto how you feeling" she asked I didn't say a word Sakura popped her head in and I intently went into the covers of my bed I just wanted to run away and never come back, but they don't know about my cub self since they never pay attention to what I look like though I'm much younger and can't speak ya I'm a do that though I can't since I'm clearly badly injured but menma got the girls out closed the window and we were silent "kyuubi were are you" I whispered as the door opened ad revealed two uchihas with food as they gave it to us "what happened" sasukie asked as he sat down beside menma who scooted away leaving a distance of 6foot steps between them.

"We got attacked in the forest" I said as I looked at sasuke who was worried about me already though he had a large distance between us I guess he sensed a sort of tension of what's going on.

"OK tell us everything that happened"


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