3. Chapter 7.

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"Always believe something wonderful is about to happen..."

Cupid cut-outs, flowers and heart-shaped balloons paraded themselves in front of Drei when she and her friends stepped out of the restaurant where they had lunch. Her lips curled into a smile as she took in the sea of couples, both young and old, that dominated the floors of Greenbelt... holding hands with their significant other and wearing a grin on their faces. Manila and the rest of the world are celebrating this one day where everyone has a free pass for being overly cheesy... Valentine's Day. Who could blame them for the love-struck mood?

"I am sure lahat ng resto, hotel, motel, short-time, bed and breakfast, turo-turo, pati Luneta... I am sure fully booked!" Peter remarked. They were now back at St. Luke's Global City. The women chuckled and he gave them a smirk.. "Tawa tawa kayo diyan, pa as if pa kayo... totoo naman ah!"

"Hindi naman naming sinabi na hindi totoo, friend!" Tessa said. "Napakasensitive mo naman!"

"O ikaw Mamang Tessa, maliban sa pa flowers, saan kayo mamaya ni Papa Dennis?" he asked. Earlier at the office, before lunch time, Tessa received a beautiful bouquet of roses from her husband Dennis.

"Hindi ko alam, Pete," Tessa, who was still smitten, giggled. "Basta surprise daw, yun lang sabi niya sa card..." then she sighed and turned to her companions. "Eh kayo, what are your plans later?"

"Ate Tessa naman makatanong eh," Rachel frowned grumpily. "Eh syempre ako wala! Haller! Wala naman akong date! Derecho uwi sa bahay at malamang siksikan na naman nito sa MRT!"

Peter gave her an evil eye. "Kasi ikaw Inday Rachel, hindi mo pinagbigyan si Ronald!"

Ronald, who works in the Admission Department, has been Rachel's ever-persistent suitor since last year and today, he surprised her with a bouquet of white roses that was on her table this morning. He even asked her out to dinner.

"Mukhang okay naman yung tao, hinahatid ka pa nga minsan diba?" Peter continued. "Mabait, magalang, may kotse, hindi naman panget... yun nga lang medyo tahimik na mahiyain... naku Rache, alam mo feeling ko manyak yang si Ronald... feel ko talaga... exciting yan!!!"  Tessa and Drei laughed while Rachel shook her head.

"Yuck!" Rachel cringed.

"Gaga! Exciting yan... maniwala ka sa akin!" Peter added. "Maginoo pero medyo bastos! Alam mo yung silent manyak na type! Syet! Naalala ko na naman tuloy yung ex ko!" Then he laughed to himself. "I really don't see why you don't like him!"

"Eeehhhh," their friend squealed in protest. "Walang spark!"

"Ganon? May pa spark spark ka pang nalalaman?" Peter widened his eyes in surprise. "Baka wala kang spark plug!"

"Eeeehhh," she said again. "Di ko kasi siya type eh..."

"Ikaw na, teh!" Peter exclaimed. "NBSB ka na nga sa edad mo na yan, choosey ka pa!

 Wow ha! Taas naman ng standards mo, Inday!" They all laughed and Rachel just made a face. "Bukas na bukas dadalhin kita sa combento! Mag madre ka na lang at expired na yang egg cells mo at wala ng kwenta yang matres mo!"

"Makapintas ka naman, Petra," Rachel hollered back. "Oo na... ikaw na may lovelife... kayong lahat na!"

"Naman!" A wide grin appeared on his face as they all stepped inside the elevator.

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