2. Chapter 5.

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"A girl needs a guy, just one guy, who would be man enough to prove her that not all men are the same."





Few days later... Friday


Drei:    PING! Hi!

Alex:    Ei Drei! Musta na?

Drei:    :-) I'm okay... and you?

Alex:    Eto gwapo pa din!

Drei:    Ha ha ha funny!

Alex:    :-P So what's up?

Drei:    I was wondering if we can have coffee later?

Alex:    Whoa! Are you sure ako kinakausap mo?

Drei:    Funny! :-P Oo naman, bakit?

Alex:    Wala lang, baka kasi na wrong send ka or something?

Drei:    Ang arte mo! The question is answerable by Yes or No! :-P

Alex:    Hmmmm you missed me ano? ;-)

Drei:    You are still as conceited as hell! LOL

Alex:    Just kidding! Ang seryoso mo kasi! Chill, Drei!

Drei:    :-) I am trying my best to be as relaxed as possible...

Alex:    I missed you, you know...

Drei:    Yeah right. :-P

Alex:    I do... totoo... tagal na din natin di nagkita eh...

Drei:    Yeah, I got busy na din kasi kaya ganun... anyways, coffee later?

Alex:    Sure, sundo nalang kita later?

Drei:    Ummm... no need, let's meet up na lang at Starbucks sa may 32nd street

Alex:    Sige, sure ka ha?

Drei:    Oo naman! Wag ka na mag abala, I'll be okay.. so later?

Alex:    Yeah! Can't wait to see you! :-*

Drei:    Me too :-)

                     A grin appeared on Alex's face as he read the message. And he grinned even wider as he read it for the fifth time today. Anyone who could see him right now might think he's an idiot for grinning over a BBM message. It was actually stupid but he just couldn't help himself. Was this real? Is this really happening?

Alex kept checking the time since he got her message, counting down until 5 o'clock. He wondered what has gotten into Drei that made her come around. Why did she want to him now? The why's began to flood his head and the more he wondered, the excited he got. Just the thought of seeing her again was enough to make him feel restless.

"Dude, ano nangyayari sa'yo?" Terrence, who was sitting beside him, suddenly asked. "Kanina pa kita napapansin, ano meron?"


"You know, you kept glancing at your watch and you kept reading something on your phone... may problema ba?"

 "Wala naman." He shrugged, letting out a sheepish grin.

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