2. Chapter 7.

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"Sometimes it's not about what you say, it's about what you don't."


On the opposite side of the garden, Peter sat at the supposedly poker table joining his cousin Mickey, Tina, Pao and Cris and some of Johan's cousins. But he was now enticed at the scene that's about to transpire before him. There stood Drei and Gigi still talking about something while Alex was inching closer behind them. This was the moment of truth he's been waiting for and as he sat there he couldn't help but grin mischievously.

A few minutes ago, he saw Alex standing on the lanai that led to the garden and his eyes aiming at Drei who was talking to Gigi near the pond. His intuition was right, Alex did make an appearance. Pretty much Alex still looked the same, it's just that today, he was exceptionally yummier and so jaw-droppingly handsome since he saw him last. All his gay parts were in revolt.

"Nakakainis ang gwapo mo pa din, bwesit!" he murmured to himself, stomping his feet in frustration. Then he sighed. "Greek god Alexander! Nyeta!"

He remembered Drei telling him at Alex got a little territorial on the night they first met at Mickey's house, plus the fact that Alex is clueless about his gender status, made it all perfect. Viola! The idea just came crashing into his mind and as if he acted on impulse, Peter did what he had to do. From the look on Alex's face on his peripheral vision, it earned him the reaction he needed – the spark of jealousy in Alex's eyes. Bingo. Out of the blue, Johan took the empty seat beside him, with Uel in his arms. Curious, he glanced at the same direction where Peter was looking.

"And it happens...." Johan blurted out mimicking the voice of a radio personality. "Ano kaya ang mangyayari kay Drei at kay Alex?"

Then the rest of the people on the table turned their attention to where Peter and Johan were looking.

Mickey shook his head then he laid out his two hundred peso bill. "Two hundred bucks, he's going to run for the hills!"

"Five hundred bucks, Drei's gonna leave him dumbfounded!" Pao contradicted, throwing in his five hundred peso bill. The rest of them laughed. "Our boy is gonna get the shock of his life!"

"Ladies and gentlemen... Sit back... relax.... May I present to you...." Said Peter in his best emcee voice. Then Johan tapped his right hand on the table as if doing a drum roll. "Ang Paghaharap... Written and directed by Peter Leuven Sanchez and Johan Legaspi... Let the show begin, guys!"

                  Before Drei could turn around to face the man the voice belonged to, her eyes were watching the expression on Gigi's face. Gigi was smiling at someone who stood behind her and then her eyes landed back on Drei again as if confirming that this was who she thought it is.


"Umm... Drei, pasok muna ako sa loob, I need to check on the kids... See you around..." Gigi said and Drei just smiled as she walked away from her. "Hi, Alex..."

Then Drei glanced over at Peter who was sitting beside Tina looking at her with a smug look on his face as he raised his glass of Margarita at her.  That scheming bitch, she thought glaring at him. Having seen the expression on her face, Peter just gave her a cocky grin and mouthed, 'You're welcome!'

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