2. Chapter 1.

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"Sometimes the best way to get someone's attention is to stop giving them yours."


Alex stared at the door the moment it came to a close, sitting there like someone pushed the pause button and everything stood still. Just a few seconds ago, Drei was standing in front of him and now she was gone. His eyes were still fixated at the door, gaping at it with much scrutiny – the silver handle, the rusty screws on the side, its blue colored paint. That blue wooden door that made her disappear from his sight.

"Are you okay?" he heard Tish ask, patting his leg. That was the only time he managed to blink and turn his head to her direction.

"Why wouldn't I be?" he smiled at her. "I just remembered something."

He met Tisha just two weeks ago at some party that Jason dragged him and Terrence to. Apparently it was one of Jason's friends, Henry's birthday that they gate crashed on that boring Friday night. Yes, he was bored because during that same week he got rid of Jessa, the cute TL from Convergys that Terrence introduced to him. 

His whirlwind affair with Jessa lasted for 3 weeks. She was pretty and petite but with the right curves at the right places. And it only took him a matter of hours to sweet talk her into his bed. And yeah, she was very good with her hands. They met at a bar in Pasig and she happened to be with Terrence's date that night, Ina. In short, Terrence hooked them up – double date. Later on the girl became clingy – calling him every hour and checking on him, so he got rid of her just in time.

A month before Jessa, he was with Abbie, a real estate agent he met during their Christmas party. Abbie was a friend of their Operations Manager, Deanna. After a few drinks and some casual sweet talk, Alex was able to sweep her off her feet and they ended up in bed. Abbie was the kind of girl who somehow knew the game. She was very familiar with it and very honest from the start that she didn't want the commitment thingy. They decided to call it off after a month and they remained friends.

And now, here was Tisha, who was actually featured as the Girl-Next-Door in FHM's December issue last year. Before they were properly introduced, Jason already gave him the juicy tidbits about this girl. Tisha was the typical sexy siren with the right package – tall, mestiza features and a hot body any guy like him would like to get his hands on. And eventually he did, as always.

"Magic, dude!" he said while smiling at them smugly. Jason and Terrence just stared at him in shock as he left the party with Tisha in tow.

And so he's been seeing Tisha for the past 3 weeks. When it comes to her, everything was easy. She was his typical conquest – fun, submissive, sweet and she was predictable just like the rest of the women he has been with. And the sex was as what he imagined it would be – fantastic and yes, she was a tiger in bed.

Clearly he was back in the game, he's been with three different women in the past three months but then again there was something missing. And often times his thoughts would lead him back to that night he was with her. As if retracing what had happened between them, every bit of it like some unforgettable memory. He would deny it countless times but at the back of his head, he still thought of her even after that night.


The girl who left him the morning after.


Drei was still inside his head, well not every day but quite often. Of course he knew that the thrill of the chase was officially over when everything happened that night. But how come he still couldn't erase the thoughts of her from his head?  The memory of that night constantly flashes back. He still couldn't get over it. Because the truth is, it was the first time in years, that he had that kind of sex and of all the women, he felt it with Drei. It was just oddly amazing and filled with so much passion that he never knew of.

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