3. Chapter 3.

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"Sometimes you have to close your eyes to see what is in front of you..."

Alex glanced around the living room. With hands on his hips, he took in the messy state. There were clutters of red, gold and green sprawled across the floor. Beside him Matty was humming to the tune of Jingle Bell Rock that was playing on the radio while he was putting a Christmas ornament on the tree. He smiled at the little boy who was caught up in his little world. He knew the familiar feeling because once a upon a time, he was just like Matty... it was one of his favorite times of the year next to his birthday, until it wasn't the same anymore.

But six months ago, Alex began to see things in a different light and this drastic shift in his life was all because of Drei, Matty and Zooey. After a very long time, he felt the surge of excitement as December made its way in. This is their first Christmas together and he wanted it to be memorable and special. He and Drei have agreed on doing a red and gold concept for their tree.

Just last Sunday, he was like a kid again as they were browsing through S&R for decorations and what not's. He enjoyed picking up every piece of Christmas ornament that was on his list that he thought would uplift the Christmas spirit inside their house. Two hours later, the three of them - him, Matty and Drei - came out of S&R tired but with a grin plastered on their faces.

Now here he was at home with Matty trying to decorate their place while the women of the house were out grocery shopping. He sighed in relief as he finished and then he bent down to turn on the switch. He watched as Matty paused from what he was doing and marveled at the twinkling Christmas lights.

"This is sooo cool!" Matty said, grinning from ear to ear. "Ang ganda!"

"Couldn't agree with you more, Kuya!" Alex said. They both watched the seven feet tall tree that they just finished setting up come to life. "Hey, Kuya, come here!" he urged the boy to sit with him on the floor. Then Alex laid underneath the Christmas tree and Matty followed suit.

"What are we doing here?" Matty asked as they were staring at the flickering lights above them.

"When I was your age, I use to do this..." Alex told him, while he basked in the colorful lights. Christmas brought him the best memories - setting up the tree, writing his letter to Santa and of course, opening the gifts on Christmas morning. And this was one of his favorite things to do back when he was around Matty's age. He loved lying under the Christmas tree to stare at the flickering lights. Then he'd make a wish. "Hihiga ako dito sa ilalim ng Christmas tree and look at the lights... ganda ano?"

"Yup... this is cool..."

"Then I make my Christmas wish..."

"Talaga?" Matty gazed at him and Alex nodded.

"Kahit ikaw puwede din..." he told him and Matty fell silent. "O, nakaisip ka na ng i-wiwish mo, Kuya?"

Matty smiled at him. "Hindi na ako hihingi..."

"Bakit naman?" Alex wondered, his brows furrowed.

"It came true na..."

"Really?" The boy nodded. "What did you ask for? Ang bilis naman ata..."

"I'll be having my first real Christmas with my own family, kagaya ng mga classmates ko," he said to Alex. Even if he's been celebrating it with Drei's family and Anton's family separately, this was a first for Matty and he was excited about it. A first real Christmas with a family to call his own.

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