2. Chapter 13.

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"It's not about getting a chance, it's about taking a chance. You'll never know whether it's going to work out, you just have to go for it."

Two weeks later. Sometime in July

"A few weeks to go and we'll be seeing that little girl of yours!" Dr. Datu said cheerfully as she paused from writing. She smiled at Drei and Alex who were sitting across her. "So far, tama naman yung position niya when I did my Leopold's Maneuver but we need to be sure pwede kasing mag-iba pa ang position ni baby as the weeks go so I will be wanting you to come in every two weeks para ma monitor natin okay?"

On a sunny Wednesday morning they were back into Dr. Shei's clinic at the Medical City for Drei's monthly prenatal check-up. After they both filed for a short leave in their respective offices, they had lunch in Market! Market! because Drei has been bugging him for a chicken insasal. And Alex was thankful that his schedule was insync with hers. When Alex gets off early, he'd pick Matty up from school and they'd both wait for Drei at the hospital lobby before heading home. 

"Okay, Doc Shei," Drei said, and then she took out her latest blood tests from her purse and handed them over to her doctor. "By the way, eto na po pala yung lab results ko."

"Results are all in normal range, your urinalysis is normal, no Albumin and Pus Cells, that's good news..." Doc Shei appraised as she went over the results and jotted them down on her patient's chart. "Saka normal naman yung BP mo kanina... and nakita ko din naman yung improvement mo since that last check up na nagworry tayo... hindi ka na at risk for pre-eclampsia which is great...so anyways, no more cramp-like pain? Wala ng spotting?"

"Wala na po, Doc... yun lang po yung huli..." she answered.

"Teka," Alex joined in, glancing at Drei with a worried look on face. "You've been having cramp-like pain and bleeding? When did that happen?" Then his eyed pivoted over at Dr. Shei. "Meron ba akong hindi alam?"

Dr. Shei just smiled. "Well, a few months back, Drei came in with those complaints here in my clinic... cramp-like pain, headaches and then yung spotting... I found out that it was all stress related...plus may family history sila ng hypertension...so naging at risk siya... but I am assuring you, Alex that she's okay..." She turned her attention to Drei. "But I'll still advise you, Drei, na bawasan na muna ang workload mo."

"Don't worry, Doc, hindi naman na ako busy lately and yes, no more stress..." and by mentioning the word stress, she gazed at Alex who returned her with a questioning stare.

"So we're done here, I will just advice you to come in every two weeks starting today. Eight months ka na so we really need to monitor everything... continue with your vitamins and your milk, and I need you to do some more tests, any questions?"

"Yeah, I wanna ask kasi lately parang bumabalik yung mga cravings ko, is that normal? Dati kay Matty wala naman ako na experience na ganito nung last trimester ko."

"Well yes, nangyayari sa ibang mommies yan so don't worry." Doc Shei assured her. "It's normal for some na nakakaexperience niyan."

No wonder she felt weird lately.. She was craving again like a mad pregnant woman that she is. Waking up in the middle of the night these past few days and looking for something that isn't found inside their kitchen.

After the check-up they made their way out of the building and headed to the parking lot. A few months ago Drei could still fit into her clothes but now at eight months, it seemed that they could no longer accommodate her and her bulging tummy, which was now bigger than she'd imagine, leaving her no choice but to change her wardrobe for the time being. Pants were out and dresses were in. Dresses were comfortable and roomy and easy to wear. At least now, she could breathe properly.

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