2. Chapter 11.

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"Commitment means staying loyal to what you said you were going to do long after the mood when you said it has left you."





"Yes, babe?" Jeannie answered in an almost whisper, trying her best not to wake the little boy who's fast asleep by her side on their bed. She was already home after leaving Drei and Alex behind a while ago.

"Why are you whispering?" Johan asked baffled. Earlier today his wife told him that Drei needed someone to be with her for her Ultrasound appointment and he told Jeannie to go. She needed all the support she could get and they're doing their part to give it to her. After all, Drei is family already. And now here he was calling to check on them on how it went.

His wife chuckled. "Because our little boss is asleep, hon... I don't wanna wake him up!"

"Teka, bakit nasa bahay ka na?"

Jeannie slowly got out of bed, placed some pillows over at Uel's side and then she scurried out of the room. "You won't believe who appeared out of nowhere kanina!" she blurted out as soon as she closed the door behind her.

"Hold on a sec! Appeared? Who? Akala ko ba sasamahan mo si Drei?"

"Makikinig ka ba sa akin o hindi?"

"Fine... okay, I'm listening..." he sighed.

"So ayon nga, hon... pa alis na kami eh then biglang..." she paused as she recalled the memory.

"Babe? Hello? Anong nangyayari sa'yo?" Johan asked as a deadbeat silence came on the other line. "Babe?"

Then Jeannie let out a shrill cry. "Oh my god, babe!"

"What the hell is happening to you? Ano bang nangyari? Is Uel okay?" his voice was worried.

"Kalma!" she interrupted. "Kinikilig lang ako, babe! Ayiiiiiieeeeee!"

"Nanunuod ka naman ba ng One More Chance?" he guessed. Jeannie's always like this when she's focusing on something and talking to someone on the line. Johan just frowned as he visualized his wife going mushy again as she watches this John Lloyd – Bea movie for the thousandth time.  "Babe, ano na? Bakit ka kinikilig? Sabi ko na nga ba John Lloyd na naman yan eh!"

She snickered. "Hindi ah, pero what I saw earlier was sort of like that... mala One More Chance ang peg!"

"Hindi ko gets, babe... kaya please paki explain ng mabuti... utang ng loob!" he was massaging his forehead now, knowing how Jeannie loved doing the beating-around-the-bushes thing.

"I never thought your asshole of a best friend could come into his senses..." she started and his wife caught him there.

"What do you mean? Si Alex?" his wife caught his attention there. Alex? How could that be when his best friend has been out of reach for almost a week already since that Sunday night when he left? Johan found it impossible. "So you're saying that –"

"Alex was there paglabas namin ng gate, babe! Nagulat kaya kami ni Drei!"

Now that seemed impossible to believe. "Bakit nandoon siya? Why was he there?"

"Aba malay ko! Di ba dapat ako magtanong sa'yo niyan?"

"Babe, ang tagal na naming di naguusap... I told you that... kahit nga sila Pao at Mickey di siya macontact eh..."

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