3. Chapter 9.

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"Life doesn't always give you second chances... so take the first one..."

Drei woke up to the feel of fingers touching her face. Earlier, she woke up with her head heavy and throbbing in pain. She literally couldn't get herself out of bed, which led her to decide to call in sick. After talking to her boss on the phone, Matty bid her goodbye and Alex made her breakfast - bacon, eggs and a glass of orange juice - that's supposedly going to help cure her hangover. When the boys left, she drifted off to sleep some  more.

Opening her eyes at around ten, she blinked her morning view into focus. Two of the most beautiful people in her life were smiling down at her. Alex was lying beside her, propped up on his elbow and Zooey was sitting in front of him. 

Zooey smiled and touched her nose. The little girl turned to her dad. “Maaaa….”

“Hala ka, pumpkin…” Alex teased. “You woke Mommy up!”

Zooey giggled and clapped her hands.

“Good morning, Mommy,” Alex greeted. “Say good morning, Mommy…” Zooey babbled her baby talk version that made Drei smile.

“Hi.” He smiled. His voice was morning gruff and caused shivers down her spine.

“Hi.” She smiled back at him.

A heavenly sigh escaped her lips as Alex reached out to cup her face. Leaning over, his lips touched hers, warm and tasting like coffee. And that kiss just reminded her of what had happened to them last night… how Valentine’s Day changed it all.

Before last night, it had been a month since they both had human contact. Sure they had kissed each other last Christmas under the mistletoe and when Zooey came out, but last night was different. It’s been almost a year since they last kissed like that. When Alex reached out to cup her face, her breath stuttered in her chest, her heart seemed to contract but she didn’t run away. Instead she sat there and turned herself over to him in a blink of an eye. Eyes drifting shut, her lips parted on their own.

Kissing Alex again stunned her and it felt like she never really understood what kissing was before. It was like kissing him for the first time. It was as if their mouths had been made to kiss only each other, and the shock and the thrill, the urgent, hot feeling, and the sounds of kissing, and the fact that kissing him felt so right… it was all there in that moment.  She couldn’t talk herself out of having this moment. She needed this moment, wanted it for what it’s worth. It wasn’t long when they both ended up inside their bedroom and on the bed. The feel of Alex wrapped around her, the softness of his skin and the heat radiating from their bodies… Drei seemed to need this every bit as much as he did.

She deepened the kiss and he responded in kind, their tongues stroking frantically. Hungry and wanting. He moved his hands to her breasts and cupped the curves. His thumbs brushed against her tight, sensitive nipples, making her groan. Reluctantly Alex pulled back and she let him go. They stared into each other’s eyes, their breathing hard. He held her gaze. She had no idea what he was looking for or what made him stop but instead he bumped his forehead unto hers, trying to steady his breathing. He knew that she wasn’t ready for this yet.

“I missed you, bubba…” he said to her again. He rolled to his side and pulled her close to him, wrapping Drei in a tight embrace. Their face inches apart.

“I missed you, too…” she answered and Alex smiled at her. He gave her another slow and gentle kiss goodnight. They both drifted to sleep, locked in each other's arms.

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