3. Chapter 4.

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"Nothing makes a woman love a man even more than when she sees how much he loves her children."

"Awww..." Drei sighed, seeing the photo that was posted on her Facebook wall. She and the rest of the Quality Department team just got out of a meeting with the Board of Directors and Advisers, the head of their Medical Staff Organization, and the rest of the Executive Committee for their annual Strategic Planning Committee meeting which they do every second Thursday of the new year. And now here she was back at her desk, enjoying a cup of coffee as she whiled away her time checking her email and her Facebook account.

She stared at the picture for a second and the caption reads: Taking Kuya to school... have a great day at work, Mom! It was Alex with the kids on the backseat – Matty smiling brightly in his uniform and Zooey fastened on her car seat.  She hit the like button and just as she did, another new photo was posted on her wall. This time it was Zooey, lying on her stomach smiling at the camera, with Alex beside her. The caption reads: Done with bath time already, Mom!

Drei Buenaventura:    Yey fresh na ang princess namin ni Daddy!

Alex Lizares:  Syempre naman, Mommy! Hehe

Drei Buenaventura:    Bango na ba ang baby ko?

Alex Lizares:  Bango bango na, Mom! I can't stop myself here, kakagigil!

Drei Buenaventura:    Awww kainggit ka naman, Dad =(

Alex Lizares:  Kakagigil talaga!

Drei Buenaventura: Gusto ko tuloy umuwi =(

Drei Buenaventura: I miss smelling that pumpkin pie! Hehe

Alex Lizares:  Sorry Mom, you're at work hehe =P

Drei Buenaventura:    Pffft! Wanna go home na, tagal pa ng 4:30! Huhu

Alex Lizares:  LOL Btw, did you have breakfast na, bubba? =)

Drei Buenaventura: Having coffee already, bubba

Drei Buenaventura: Kakatapos lang ng meeting eh...

Alex Lizares:  Mukhang matagal ata, mukhang mahabang meeting ah

Drei Buenaventura:    Medyo... kapagod! Hehe

Alex Lizares:  K lang yan =) Kaya mo yan, ikaw pa!

Drei Buenaventura:    Hehe thanks, bubba =D

Alex Lizares: Awww... sleepy na ang pumpkin pie natin, Mommy...

Alex Lizares: Nap time na... =)

Drei Buenaventura:    Ok =)

Alex Lizares: C u later at lunch, okay?

Alex Lizares: I'll bring Zooey along if magising. Mwah.

Drei Buenaventura:    Ok laters. Mwah.

And then a new set of comments popped out.

Peter Sanchez:  Uyyy!!! trending ang dalawa!

Yo Legaspi:  Naks! Kayo na talaga!

Peter Sanchez:  oh di ba, yo! Lalandii!

Alex Lizares:  Anong lalandi? Sino?

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