I really need to finish this book. But before I do that, I'm going to rewrite this entire thing. Ngl, I don't like how I developed the characters and the plot is very strayed. If you are still reading this, honestly, I recommend that you restart this book once I start republishing. I might unpublish chapters to make it less confusing, but I don't know yet. One major change: this is currently in first person, but I'm changing it to third person omniscient.  Stay tuned!

"You wanna hear my bet?" Reece calls behind her. The short girl turns around, intrigue clearly painted on her face.

Melody struts back with an intimidating stature: arms crossed and a smirk ghosting her countenance. She closes the proximity between them and raises an eyebrow. The silence in the air adds to the tension between the two teens. His gaze flickers back and forth between her small lips and her deep grey eyes. Her smirk becomes more noticeable as she watches him contemplate his next move, her eyes remain on his and bore into his bright orbs.

Reece slightly hesitates but swiftly lowers his head to linger right over her lips. He desires a reaction from the small girl in front of him: some form of lust or wanting. When she refuses to bring their lips together or to even close her eyes as if expecting something, he mentally lets out a frustrated groan. She softly snickers at his response to her stubbornness and Reece closes the distance between the two.

He starts softly, as if testing the waters, gently sucking on her bottom lip and wraps his arms around her waist to bring her closer to his body. She traces a path up his neck with her fingertips before settling them in his dark locks. Just as he makes a move to deepen the kiss, Melody pushes his chest back slightly and pulls away.

They quickly disguise their dazed looks with identical smirks and he bends to place his lips next to her ear.

"I bet that soon enough you will beg me to be your boyfriend because you just can't resist my charms." He says cockily.

She scoffs. "As if. And if you beg me to be your girlfriend, then what?"

"You can pick the punishment." He smirks.

She contemplates for a hot second before scoffing. "Seriously?"

"Dead serious."

Her gaze scans over his features to find a hint of a lie, but when none is found, she sighs. 

She grips the collar of his dress shirt and pulls him closer to her. She hovers over his lips, her stare resting on his lips. 

"Do you really want to do this?" She challenges, testing his attraction to her. He can feel her hot breath against his lips and closes his eyes. 

"Yes." He breathes out. 

She slowly inches towards him until, at last, their lips meet. Contrary to their previous contact, this lip-lock is far from gentle. One of Melody's hands continues to grip the collar of his shirt while the other hand caresses his cheek. Reece's right-hand pulls her even closer by the back of the neck and his left-hand rests on her waist. He attempts to buzz the spark between them by swiping his tongue over her bottom lip for entrance and she hesitantly complies. He makes an effort to refrain from letting out a sound from the heat and pleasure he was receiving and Melody's swirling thoughts fade away as she basks in the attention. 

She brushes her lips against his as she whispers, "Deal."


Melody Burns is not exactly the happiest teen in the world, but she manages to make it through each day without too many complaints. She tends to distract herself with music and dedicates herself to her friends and music rather than a relationship.

Reece Morgan, one of her brother's close friends, doesn't intend to stress her out any more than she already is but finds her quite intriguing. Maybe it's her stunning smile when she completes a performance or multi-dimensional personality, but Reece is infatuated with her radiance. After all, who wouldn't be?

This is kinda cliche but focuses more on Melody and her struggles than her relationship with Reece.




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