Melody's Nicknames: Mimi, Mel, Dee/DeeDee, Em, MB

Aaron's Nicknames: Ronny, Aar-Bear

Kyle's Nicknames: Ky, KyKy

Jack's Nickname: JJ

Jason's Nicknames: Jace, Jay

"Guess who failed her APUSH timed writing!" The sophomore exclaims as she swings her water bottle around.

Her best friend laughs. "I'm sure you did fine. And even if you didn't do so well, you'll have other grades to make up for it, Ivy. If it makes you feel any better, I never got a 6/6 on a single APUSH writing last year." Melody pulls her binders close to her chest in order to create more space for students to pass by through the halls. The last bell of the day has rung and all the upperclassman run to their cars while the freshman rush to catch the bus.

"That doesn't make me feel better." Ivy deadpans and Melody chuckles. "Regardless, do you need to go to your locker before we head out?"

"Yeah, I need to put my Spanish binder and Choir binder back into my locker." Melody replies and directs their path towards her locker.

"Okay, make it fast. Today is the first day I am driving to and from school and I have yet to experience the absolute war zone our school's parking lot is." Ivy rolls her eyes and lets out a distressed sigh.

"I can't believe that my bestest friend in the entire world, my Sophomore baby, got her license." Melody teases and reaches to pinch her cheeks, but Ivy quickly swats her hand away while continuing to swing her Hydro Flask. "You are guaranteed to hit someone with that." Melody points out and her best friend rolls her eyes.

A pained grunt passes them by and Ivy starts profusely apologizing to the poor student who got hit in the side with the damned yellow bottle. "I'm so sorry! I'll stop swinging it!" She shouts down the hallway to the student who was already rushing to the buses.

"I told you. That poor freshman." Melody snickers. "What did he ever do to you?"

Ivy groans. "You know I didn't do it on purpose." She pouts.

All of a sudden, Melody experiences a pain in her side and is pushed to the left. Her binders fall out of her arms and into the locker bay. She hears a distant 'sorry' down the hallway and rolls her eyes.

"People need to watch where they're going." She shakes her head in disappointment and reaches for her Spanish binder, but before she can grasp it, someone's Converse kicks it across the hall. It slides to the other side of the locker bay and Melody whines. "It's so much farther now!"

"That's karma, bitch." Ivy teases and laughs.

Melody looks up to see her ambusher and is met with an enchanting pair of green eyes and a smirk that makes her want to punch him. She squints her eyes as she reluctantly gets up to face him.

"Was that really necessary, Reece?" She asks with a bored look on her face.

He chuckles and gives her a blinding smile. "As Ivy said, karma's a bitch."

Melody scoffs. "You are so frustrating. Do you not have anything to do except taunt me?" She asks as she puts her hands on her hips.

"You can try to look as intimidating as you want, princesa, but you and I both know you are a big softie at heart." He grins brightly.

"Ivy, can you go grab the binder? I'll open my locker so we can leave as soon as possible."

"Aw, you want to leave me that fast?" Reece's smirk doesn't falter as the girls ignore her and quickly close the locker door. "You'll be seeing a lot of me lately, princesa."

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