I have been seeing Ryder everywhere. I don't know if it's fate or if he's just following me, but I keep seeing him. And it's hella annoying. 

The other day, I went to the grocery store to pick up some food for dinner, and there he was.

I went to a football game for fun (we made the playoffs) and apparently we were against his school, so he was in the stands.

Then, I went to the mall with Ivy to clear up some stuff, telling her I was sorry. We walked into American Eagle, and there he was, picking some stuff out.

And my favorite of all, was when I sang at a nearby café. It was country night and I don't usually sing country, but I knew exactly what song to pick once I saw him in the "audience". I got up on the stage and I sang 'Before He Cheats' right in front of his face. He looked so guilty; it made me so happy. I know I shouldn't be happy about that, but who said I gave a fuck?

I told Ivy that I was sorry for being a bitch and she forgave me as long as I keep talking to the guidance counselor.

I haven't talked to Jayden recently though...


Hey boy i really love the way that you move

You wind me up, up, up on you. 

You know I'm

Down Diggy Diggy

Down Diggy Diggy Down

Down Diggy Diggy

Down Diggy Diggy Down

"Stop! I get it! You're down!" I groan and start hitting my phone, hoping it will snooze.

The song keeps playing and I give up. I get up and walk to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I comb my hair and change into a pair of sweatpants and a loose shirt.

"Sexy song." A voice says. I look around and see that my window is open. I walk over to the window look at Reece.

"Thanks. I really need to switch rooms with Aaron." I mumble the last part.

He gets a notification and his smirk turns into a frown, then to a fearful look.

"You good?" I ask.

"Ya." He goes back to his signature smirk and i close the window before plopping down onto my bed.

"Aaron!" I yell.

"What?" He yells back.

"Is mom home?"


"Is Kyle here?"

"No. He's with some Lucas guy."

Huh. He seems to really like this Lucas guy.

"Where are the twins?"

"With Mom."

"So it's just us?"


Sweet! I skip breakfast and plop down onto the living room couch for some Netflix. I have to catch up on Supernatural and I need to start Stranger Things. The doorbell rings and I groan. I walk to the front door and open it. Reece stands there, running his fingers through his hair before putting his beanie back on.

"Your brother here?" He asks with an expression I can't quite decipher. I've never seen him look like this.

"Uh... ya. Come on in." I open the door wider and he steps inside.

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