"Hey honey." my mom acknowledges me when I come home from school. "Where's Aaron?" She asks.

"With Christina." I say nonchalantly.

"Who's Christina?"

"The new sl--" I cut myself off before i say something i will regret. "The new girl Aaron's dating."

"How old is she?"


"When and where did he meet her?" You can tell where I get my protective nature from.

"I don't know. You can ask him when he comes home." I walk into the kitchen. "If he comes home tonight." I mumble.

My mom follows me into the kitchen and watches me as I get a snack from the fridge.

"I heard you got in trouble today."

"Ya. So?"

"Why?" She asks sternly.

"Reece Morgan pushed me in the halls and I told him to back off."

"Did you tell him to back off with nice words?" I don't answer and she scoffs. "What did I tell you about cussing? I will not accept cussing in this house!"

"I didn't cuss in this house. I cussed at school." I say quietly.

"Did you talk back to me, young lady?" Her voice reaches a whole new level of volume.

"He was being an asshole!"

"Again with the profanities!"

"I'm done with this conversation." I say and march up to my room.

I set my backpack on my desk and lay on my bed with my computer. About an hour later, my mom bursts through the door and I groan. I look up at her.

"Are you ready to start moving today?" she says calmly as if our conversation didn't happen.

"Ya. I'm ready." I say and look back down at my computer screen.

"Good because we are moving today and tomorrow morning."


"We will start in 2 hours."

"Ok. In this house, my room won't be next to Aaron's will it?"

"Yes, it will. Your room is still next to Aaron's." I groan and roll my eyes.

"Fine. But Jack and Jason are on a different level, right?"

"Yes. Their rooms will be on the main floor. This new house is very big."


"Get all your homework done and we will get 'moving'." She chuckles at her joke and I roll my eyes again.


Aaron did come home to help us move. Guess who he brought along? Christina. She seems sweet. Poor girl doesn't know what she's getting herself into.

Aaron and Christina are clingy as fuck and aren't helping out, but my mom yelled at them once which made me satisfied.

I am exhausted and decide to get Aaron to actually do something. I walk to the back of the house where he's making out with Christina and grab him by the ear.

"Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!" he yells in pain. I finally let go and he rubs the now red spot on his ear. "What was that for?"

"Help." I point to the boxes.

"I already did."

"No, you made out with Christina the whole time." Her cheeks turn red when I say this.

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