"Do you need a ride?" Aaron asks me.

"Ya." Jayden is sick, Ivy is with some guy, and Aaron is picking up Christina. So, I have no one to take me to school and I missed the bus a long time ago. Thankfully, the Lucas guy is taking Kyle to school.

"I'll call Reece." He says and starts to dial Reece's number.

"Wait!" I say and snatch the phone out of his hand.

"What?" He looks annoyed, clearly.

"Don't you have any other friends who could take me to school?" I ask.

"There's Tyler." Even worse.

I groan. Ugh.

"I just won't go to school today." I say and plop down onto the couch in the living room after giving Aaron back his phone.

"Reece isn't that bad." Aaron tries to convince me.

"Maybe he isn't, but he's annoying as hell." I say.

"That's not a very nice thing to say to someone who did you 2 favors. And for the same reason, so that your relatives wouldn't get in your face. Once, 2 years ago, and the other time was last week." A voice says from the front door.

That little bitch.

How could I forget that day 2 years ago? I met Ryder and Reece that day. One guy was the guy I grew to love and the other guy was the guy I grew to hate. Ironic right?

"Do you always barge into people's homes?" I ask him as I turn around to face him.

"Only for you babe." Reece winks at me and sits next to me on the couch.

"And, FYI, I didn't want you to be my date to those occasions. I didn't have a choice either." I say.

"I will gladly take you to school." He says.

I look at Aaron. He shrugs.

"Fine." I say. "But this is a one time thing. Next time, I'm walking."

I grab my backpack and head out the door. He follows behind me with a smirk on his face. I get into the passenger seat and cross my arms.

"Back seat babe."

"Fuck off." I say without making eye contact.

He chuckles. "Puta." He mumbles.

"What did you call me?" I ask and glare at him.

"nothing." He shrugs.

"I took Spanish for 4 fucking years. I know that puta means bitch."

He walks to the other side of the car and gets in. Reece starts the car and drives towards the school.

He tries to make conversation but I ignore him at every attempt.

"So-" he starts.

"No." I reply immediately. "If you haven't noticed by now, I don't like you." I say coldly. He shrugs and parks once we reach the school.

People stare as I get out of his car and walk towards the school. I guess he doesn't give anyone rides except me, just to taunt me.

I head towards my locker and Ivy walks up to me.

"I saw you walking in with Reece." She says with a smirk.

"Ya.. so what?" I shrug. "Jayden is sick and you were all sloppy over a guy so I didn't have a ride and I missed the bus."

"So he was your backup?"

"It wasn't my idea. It was Aaron's." I close my locker and head to first period.

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