"Are you ready?" My mom shouts from the other side of my door.

"Almost! One sec!" I yell back. I strap a gold belt around my dark blue sleeveless high-low and strap on gold stilettos.

 I strap a gold belt around my dark blue sleeveless high-low and strap on gold stilettos

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Dangling gold earrings match my purse and my makeup. I grab my phone and jacket before rushing down the stairs. "I'm ready." I say to my mom as i approach the living room. "Remind me whose wedding we are going to."

"My college roommate. She's getting remarried. You know her." my mom says. I know that my mom and her college roommate still talk, but I didn't think she would invite our family to her 2nd wedding. We weren't invited to her first, but we are invited to her second. Strange.

"How exactly do I know her?" I ask.

"You loved her when you were 5." she says. Right, when I was five. Because I remember her now. Note the sarcasm.

"Ok." I sigh and Aaron comes down the stairs.

"Is that the same thing you wore to Amber's wedding reception?" I ask my brother.

"Ya. Pretty much." He shrugs.

"Is Christina your date?" I ask.

"Ya. Why?"

"Just wondering." I smirk.

"Reece's coming in 5 min." Aaron says to me.


"Because he is your date." He says in a duh-tone.


"Because he is the next best option and your friend Jayden decides to go out of town at the worst times."

"Mom." I growl. As I walk over to her she looks surprised. "Did you tell your college roommate that I have a boyfriend?" I ask.

"Yes, but that was when you were with Ryder. And I can't say that you are going without a date because she already paid for the extra plate." I sigh. "Actually, why don't you ask Ryder to be your date?"

I stare at her in disbelief. "He cheated on me! With the girl Aaron took to Amber's reception!"

"That doesn't mean he's not a nice boy."

"He's not! He cheated on me!"

"Ok." she shrugged. I squint my eyes at her and my jaw drops.

"No, not okay. You think he is a nice boy? Please enlighten me." I say rudely.

"He loved you and you loved him. I don't see why one little mistake is a big deal." she says honestly.

"It's a big deal because he was sober and still got with Tiffany. He knew I loved him and he still went behind my back. That's why it's a big deal." I explain. I turn to Aaron. "I'm going to go get Reece. I'll meet you at the church." I say.

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