Chapter 15

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"Is everypony safe now Rainbow?" Applejack asks as her and Rainbow meet up by the train station.

"That was the last of them. Never would have thought that we would have to evacuate Ponyville again." Rainbow responded referring to when Tirek attacked being the last time.

"Yeah. But we can't take any more chances, besides we need to make sure that we keep everypony safe while Twilight is not here. That's our job as her friends and the elements of harmony. Even if we don't have the elements anymore."

No sooner did Applejack finish her comment the two were surprised to hear the whistle of a train incoming into Ponyville.

"Why is there a train coming this way?" Rainbow asked, looking out on the horizon.

"I don't know, but look at that." Applejack said point at the train. The two looked and were shocked to see the weather was not touching the train. The two stayed to see who could possibly be doing this. "It's gotta be the Princesses. Who else could have that much magic?" Applejack assumed.

The train pulled up and the door opened up. And out came....... Nopony? This confused the two of them for a moment till a red carpet that rolled out and out came Discord. "And here I am in all my glory!" He said as he always was.

"Discord, be a good boy." Fluttershy said coming off the train next followed by everypony else.

As the five friends reunited they were happy to see each other but then the thought entered Applejack's mind. "Why are you all here?" Just than the Princesses exited the train with Shinning and Sunburst.

"You see Applejack," Celestia stated. "We believe that the answer to solve this problem may be located here in Ponyville. Back at Twilight's castle to be precise."

"Well if that's the case, let's hurry." Rainbow jumped in. The group proceeded to the castle as fast as they could. Avoiding the lightning hail and other odd weather problems all thanks to the help of Discord. As they finally got to the castle and entered they were in shock that even the castle was still somewhat safe. Yes the castle had seen better days, but for the most part just a few broken windows and some books and other things knocked over.

"Now young ones, where is the mirror?" Celestia asked worried things need to be fixed and fast. Everypony headed to the room where the mirror was. "Now Sunburst, is it possible that the magic...." Before she could finish her question a bolt of magic lightning came from the mirror and sent them all back some.

"Well that answered that question." Discord stated.

"Yes, very much so." Sunburst pointed out. "Without a doubt this is it. Now we just need to find a way to get to Princess Twilight on the other side."

"I will go!" Pinkie Pie started to rush toward the mirror.

"Now hold on their Pinkie!" Applejack stopped her just before she entered. "I don't think that is a good idea. I may not understand everything like Sunburst here, but from what I was told, I don't think another pony entering would be a good idea."

"No. That would be the worst possible thing." Sunburst said. "We don't need another magnet on that side drawing out more magic and causing more of an imbalance here. But the real question is how can we communicate with her from over here?"

"I believe the book on the top may be able to help with this problem my old student." Celestia pointed to the book at the top of the device that was powering the mirror. "If she has gone to visit Sunset, than that book would allow communication with her. I once used that book in hopes that we would be able to talk one day."

"Yes, yes. That book will work." Sunburst knew of the book well, as he had read about it before. "Would one of you grab it so we can get in touch with her?"

Rainbow grabbed the book and brought it down to the ground. "But, who will be the one to fill out to her?"

"I believe it should be Sunburst. After all he will be able to explain better than anypony what is going on." Shinning knowing that his sister would need to know what was going on in full.

"Me? But I......." Before Sunburst could finish his thought everypony else agrees with Shinning on this. "Well if that is what everypony thinks than I guess I should." Still not 100% sure he picked up the book and began writing what he believed would convey the importance of the situation. "I just hope she gets this quick. Because the only way this will work is if she returns fast with Spike and Starlight."

Everypony else began to hope for a speedy return from her.

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