Chapter 7

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Now back to the girls.

They awaken from there rest ready for the day ahead. Time to go and check out this new University, and time to try and help Sunset decide this most of difficult choices.

The girls had decided in case anyone asked the two Twilights would say they were twins because the two of them looked different enough they figured no one would question this and it would be a good way to explore the school like anyone else.

"So, does everyone like the outfits I selected for you?" Rarity had a whole new line of outfits just for the event. They were stylish yet functional, each one designed to suit each of the girls perfectly. She even made one for Starlight. This took Starlight by surprise. Even though she had opened up some she did not expect such a gift and Rarity could tell this.

"Darling, you are one of us. Of course I would make one for you too." This made Starlight smile. For the first time sense coming to this world she believed those words.

"Thank you very much Rarity!" She said as happy as she could be.

Princess Twilight tells everyone "Let's get going everyone. We need to get there early so we can see all they have to offer to help Sunset."

"Thanks Twilight. You know you don't have to do all this for me." Stated Sunset.

"It's no problem at all. We are friends and friends help friends."

Starlight was finally starting to understand why Twilight wanted to bring her to this world. This was the type of friendship that she had never fully experienced before so this was all new to her. Yet in some ways maybe she had, she just never realized it.

"Alright girls, Big Mac said he will give us a lift in the truck so we can get there." Stated Apple Jack.

"Eeyup!" Came the voice of big, reliable Big Mac.

"The weather is holding up at least." This statement came from Flutter Shy.

"Ahhhhhh. I was hoping for something more exciting." Came the disappointment of Pinkie Pie.

So as the eight of them loaded up into the truck and proceeded off to the school to check out all the possibilities and maybe find an answer for confused Sunset, who still is unsure of what to do.

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