Chapter 9

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So as the tour begins and the friends meet their old pal from CHS.

"So how you been doing Flash?" Ask Twilight still a little unsure how to react around him.

"I'm fine. How have you been?" He answered with a bit of a blush on his face.

"I'm fine." The response from Twilight.

This was the norm for them ever sense the first "bumped into each other" back at CHS when she first came to this world. Twilight not quite sure how to approach him and him still trying to be the good guy knight in shining armor.

"Will you two stop acting like a couple of high school kids with a crush? We have a tour to get too all." Stated Silver not wanting to waste time. "Not like I am mad. You guys can catch up as we walk."

"Midnight" responded. "That is a marvelous idea." She wanted to see the campus just as much as Sunset did at this point.

Just as the group began to walk away from the main building something caught Sunset's eye but at that time she just kind of brushed it off as stress.

As they began the tour the weather did not look good. Ominous clouds started to roll in. "Looks like the sky will be opening up on us." Stated Silver Streak. "Don't worry though we can grab one of the tour carts so we won't get too wet." This relieved them all. The group got into the tour cart and off they went.

"So as we travel around the campus please feel free to ask any questions." Stated Silver. "I will gladly answer all inquiries that you may have. If you wish to make a stop we can do that too."

"So, what kind of classes do you offer?" Asked Sunset.

"I too am quite interested in this school's curriculum and what activities you have to offer." Inquired "Midnight".

As they traveled around the school Silver was not shy about the information he gave out. He talked about different programs the school offered for things from agriculture to tech support, simple things like general degrees to masters and so on.

"Over on the left we even have a place for people to bring pets to so they can play and get checkups." Silver pointed out due to the two dogs in the cart.

"REALLY!" An excited Fluttershy shouted. This shocked Silver and Flash but not so much the girls due to knowing how much she loved animals. "Can we go check that out, if you don't mind?" Returning to her normal quiet voice.

"Sure. We can stop by there in a minute, we have one more stop before we get there. I promise we will go there right after." Silver always keeping his word when he makes it and the girls could tell.

"Thank you soooo much." Fluttershy said with a bit a glee in her voice.

So as they continued the tour and looked at a few other buildings they finally got to the place Silver was talking about. "Welcome to the hub of this school. The dorms." This kind of confused the group. They "had" to come to the dorms.

"Why did you say we had to come here?" Questioned Sunset. "I don't understand why."

Silver waited a moment and then explained. "The reason I said we needed to come here is you need to understand that this school is the size of a small city. Most who come here; live here. Only a small portion of the student body lives off campus. The main reason we start the main part of the tour here, and this is called the hub is if you chose to come here more than likely you will live here as well. Might as well see where you would be staying. As well as meet some of the other student body."

Just as he finished his statement, groups of students came out of the buildings around them. This was when Starlight, Sunset, and Twilight noticed this was not Equestria even more so. The students were discussing about the dreams and carriers they wanted to go into and some even saying they still didn't know what their final goal would be. The main reason this through them off was in Equestria, most ponies know at a young age what they will be due to the Cutie Mark they receive. This was a new thing to them.

"Ok as promised we will head over to the pets area and continue the tour." Silver got everybody back into the cart just as the sky was getting darker and darker. "That's odd. You would think it would start by now. Oh well." He of course referring to the storm. They made a few stops on the way to the pets center as those on campus have come to call it.

Arriving they noticed that the animals where acting a little strange. Instead of like the calm normal pets that most knew they were acting afraid, and no one could understand why." They entered the building to be met by one of the student helpers to everyone's surprise it was Sunset Shimmer.

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