Chapter 1

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Outside CHS, Sunset and the gang are sitting by the newly rebuilt statue outside the school grounds.

Enter VP Luna. "Sunset, Principal Celestia would like to see you, please come with me."

With a worried look Sunset just answers quickly "yes" and begins to follow VP.

As she starts to walk away the rest try to speak up trying to go with her but are shut down just as quick by the VP.

Cut to Principal office.

As Sunset and Luna both enter the office the remaining 6 are peeking around the corner trying not to get coughs by the stern VP.

"Sunset, I have called you here to discuss something with you." Speaks the kind hearted Principle Celestia.

At this point Sunset starts to think of all the things that have happened in the four years she has been in the "human" world. All the trouble caused by her, the people she hurt, and the events that may have led to this conference.

"Truthfully Sunset. Your time here at CHS is almost up. You have been here for four years and it is almost time for you to move on." "Have you given any thought to what you want to do after you leave here?"

As Celestia's question entered her mind, Sunset realized. She had no idea of what she wanted to do after graduation. Originally when she came to this world she had intended to go back and conquer Equestria, but now that that idea did not exist in her mind any more. What would she do after she graduated from CHS.

Celestia continued to speak but Sunset had more or less become lost in the idea that for the first time ever she did not know what to do.

Finally after snapping out of what seemed like a trance. Celestia posed this question. "Have you given any thought of going to a collage or maybe returning to your world?" Not asking to be evil. This was a valid question. Now that she had true friends in both worlds. What would be the best option? Return to the world that she was born in or stay in the world that brought her first friends also still having her friend Twilight in the Pony world.

At that moment the door swings open and in falls the other 6.

"Ah. Good timing." "Sunset I am sure this is a lot to take in and you may need some time to think." "Talk with her friends." "I am sure that with some input from them maybe you can come up with the answer you may need."

As Sunset and gang go to leave. "Oh. One lastthing. I have this packet for CSU." "You may want to go there andcheck it out. I know some of your friends have been interested in this school.

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