Chapter 6

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As the human world is having freak storms back in Equestria other things are happening.

The sun and moon are no longer under the control of the Princesses Celestia and Luna. Weather anomalies are happening in Ponyville, and our five remaining Pony heroes are trying to find out what is going on.

"What in tarnation is going on here?" Applejack question. "One minute we are having a sunny day than next thing we know lightning and snow coming from nowhere."

"How can all this be happening? It doesn't make any sense." Came the quandary from Fluttershy.

"Just look what all this abnormal weather is doing to my mane!" Said Rarity with worry in her voice.

Rainbow Dash came in and said." Look, even us weather ponies don't know what's going on."

Even the usually energetic Pinkie Pie was starting to get a little concerned. "This is so chaotic."

At that moment a thought crossed everyponies mind, well all but Pinkie Pie.

"DISCORD!!!" Shouted three of them almost in perfect sync. The only two ponies who didn't say anything where Pinkie Pie due to the fact it didn't get to her at that point, and Fluttershy who still believes in her friend.

Then, as if almost on cue, "Did you all call?" In a mocking voice coming out of nowhere. They all knew who it was.

"Discord!" Stated all five of them.

"Yessssss." As he appeared in the middle of them. "Oh and how has everypony been?" Asking in his usual tone but at the same time meaning it. "Oh. And as much as I would LOVE to take credit for this, I cannot. This is not my kind of chaos. This it to destructive. I would never do anything like this NOW!" Referring to the fact that he was now reformed.

"That's right." Fluttershy speaks up. "How could you all think that?"

"Now Fluttershy, don't blame them. Truthfully if I didn't know I hadn't done this, even I would have thought it was me." He said this to put her mind at ease but at the same time this is the type of thing he would have done in the past.

"Truthfully, this is even messing with me. I can't do much more than teleport at this time, and even that is limited." Discord had not felt like this sense Terik had stolen his magic a while back.

"Oh you poor dear." Said Fluttershy with true concern.

"Fluttershy dear," spoke Rarity attempting to get her attention. "Even if it's not him, we still need to figure out what is.........."

Just as she was about to finish her comment a bolt of the odd lightning struck down and startled both of them as neither one was paying attention at the time.

"Well now what are we to do about this?" Questioned Apple Jack trying to maintain some order over the situation.

"Oh oh oh. I have an idea. Why not ask some smart pony?" Pinkie posed.

"Like who darling, Celestia, or Luna? I'm sure that both of them are quite busy with everything going on." Stated Rarity.

"Well I don't know. What about Sunburst? He was able to fix the Crystal Heart in the Crystal Kingdom. And even if they are busy why can't we ask the Princesses for help?" Pinkie had brought up some good points. None of them had even thought about Sunburst. He had such a big role in the events of The Crystling, and his knowledge may even rival that of Twilights when it comes to magic.

"Pinkie Pie you're a genus!" Explained Rainbow.

"Ok so let's do this." Apple Jack now with restored control. "Rarity, you and Pinkie Pie head to the Crystal Kingdom and see if you can find Sunburst. Fluttershy, you and Discord head to see princess Celestia and Luna in Catnterlot. Lastly Rainbow and me will stay here and try and keep everypony safe. Ok?"

"Why are you including me?" Question Discord. "It's not like you trust me? So why should I?"

"So you can help and keep me, your friend safe." Quoted Flutter Shy.

Quietly Discord shook his head yes and agreed to the plan.

"Now off with you all. We got a job to do." Said Apple Jack with all control.

And off they all went to their prospective missions to try and save Equestia once again.

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