Chapter 13

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"What is going on here?" Twilight inquired. "Normally we can change back, but I can't. Every Time I try I feel this well up of magic that pushes me back to my Ponied Up formed."

"Well that's new to us too Sugar Cube?" Apple Jack said while trying to keep a calm face. "But I'm sure if anyone can figure this out it's you and Sunset." She said reassuringly.

"ME?" Came Sunset with some shock. This was one of the first times anyone had truly relied on her. "What can I do?"

"Oh come now dear, if anyone knows more about Equestrian Magic in our world, who else could it be?" Asked Rarity.

"Well that is true." Sunset responded hesitantly. "Besides, it's not like the world depends on it." Pinkie came out, and almost like on cue another big bolt came crashing down outside causing the girls to go running outside followed by Silver and Flash. Just as they get outside they see an entire area of the school is now a cross between a forest and what one of the main buildings was once.

"That is definitely not normal." Silver and Human Sunset both said at the same time.

"Yeah? Well we've never seen something like that either." Rainbow said. "But I'm sure it's nothing to worry about."

At that point everyone was starting to worry due to the abnormalities.

"Attention students. Please follow my directions closely. Due to the abnormal weather and odd events, I am canceling this afternoon's classes. Please report to your dorm rooms and be safe!" This came over the PA system from Headmaster Discord. This shocked everyone. No one more so than Silver and Human Sunset.

"Well that's a first?" Silver said confused at first.

"Why's that?" Fluttershy inquired.

"Well you see. The headmaster is big on schedules and following them to a T." Human Sunset responded. "In the time we have been here he has never once cancelled any of the classes."

"That does sound like him." Fluttershy said after hearing this. "I guess he is really concerned for the student's safety here."

At that time human Sunset and Silver looked at each other with a confused look. "Maybe so." Responded Silver to Fluttershy's remark.

"Anyway, back to the other issue." Came Rainbow.

Just as she said this and everyone was about to return to the building a bolt came down and struck Sunset this time changing her into her Ponied up form with a horn and her light wings that showed up at the Friendship games. "Now this is unexpected." Sunset said in pure surprise. "I never would have thought I would take this form?"

"Look! It's Daydream Shimmer!" Pinkie shouted.

"That's great and all, but maybe we should get inside before anything else happens, Darlings." Came the voice of Rarity standing by the door.

No one said a word they all rushed into the pet center as fast as they could. Once inside they looked at each other just trying to catch their breath for a moment.

"So would someone like to explain what is going on here?" Silver asked in pure confusion. "Ok. I get the whole magic thing and all, but that still does not explain the wings, or why lightning is changing things around here?"

"I would like an explanation too." Human Sunset back to being her calm self. "How is it that all this stuff is changing due to Lightning?"

"It is almost as if the magic is flowing through the Lightning." Twilight stated. "Things just seem odd, like it is an over flow. More so than when the crown was in this world."

Sunset chimed in, "The magic from one bolt combines that with the magic from when Human Twilight had all the magic contained in the pat compact." Human Twilight looked away.

"It's ok, we do understand it was never your fault." Fluttershy reassured her. This brought a smile back to her.

"Well if that the case, can't we just force the magic back out like we did before when I was possessed by it?" Human Twilight inquired.

"The problem here is I don't think we are possessed." Stated Princess Twilight.

"I agree." Sunset stated. "It is almost like the magic within us IS being forced out."

"How can that be?" Rainbow questioned. "Like magic is just leaking from you and the lightning set it off like a bomb?"

"KABLOOIE!" Pinkie shouted. Everyone just looked at her. "Sorry. Wrong time?"

"Actually I don't think you are that far off, but what I don't understand is how normal lightning could do something like this?" Sunset began to wonder.

"Well if you ask me, I have never seen?" Human Sunset said.

"What do you mean?" Asked Princess Twilight.

"Well, most lightning is random and strikes without warning." Silver picked up. "This lightning seems to be focused here on the school."

"Also, it seems to be getting closer and closer to us." Human Sunset finished.

"But, that makes no sense." Starlight picked up. "Even in Equestria, the weather is controlled by Pegasus. There is only one exception."

Princess Twilight and Daydream looked at each other, "THE EVERFREE FOREST!"

Princess Twilight continued. "But that does not make sense either. Even though the weather there is not under control, it is more random than anywhere."

Before anyone could say anything else all they heard where several consecutive booms outside from loud thunder.

"Ok. Whatever this is we need to figure it out and fast darlings." Came Rarity from a nearby window. "Look!" As everyone got to the window they saw more and more of the school campus was changing, and that the Lightning was picking up.

"This is bad." Came Applejack sense no one knew what else to say. They all just looked at each other, lost and no idea what to do next.

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