Chapter 10

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As this was going on, Fluttershy and Discord where just arriving at Canterlot this took some time due to the fact that they had to take the train. Mostly due to the fact that magic was unpredictable with all the things going on, and things where getting worse. Now the land was changing, water was coming up and out of wells and the weather its self-had become unpredictable and unstable. Rain and lightning happening when no pony was ready. The two of them rushed to the castle to see the princesses hoping they may know what is going on, and possibly know of a way to fix it.

"Princess Celestia, Princess Luna! Something is going on in Equestria!" Fluttershy stated rushing in to the throne room, Discord with her a little shocked at her voice.

"We already know Fluttershy." Responded Princess Celestia. "We are in the process of trying to figure things out."

"At first we thought it could be you Discord." Princess Luna stated looking right at him. "We soon realized this could not be though. You do not have the power to effect all of Equestria at once, let alone you would not allow chaos that even you could not understand."

"Oh you two know me so well." Discord responded to Princess Luna's statement.

"So what could be causing this your majesties?" The question came from Fluttershy.

"We are not sure at this moment. We have the best minds in Equestria looking in to it as we speak. We are hoping for an answer soon." Responded Celestia.

"Please tell us what you have seen and what Twilight's thoughts are on the situation." Came from Luna.

Fluttershy began to tell them about all the events in Ponyville leading up to her and Discord coming to Canterlot.

"The thing is, Twilight is not in Equestria right now." Fluttershy continued. "Truth is Sunset Shimmer was lost and confused on what to do next and asked for some advice. Twilight being who she is could not leave a friend in need and headed back to the other world to help her sort things out and took Starlight with her to show her, her other friends."

This took both Princesses by surprise. "The portal should not be open right now?" The puzzled comment from Celestia.

"It is only open for a short time every thirty moons. How is this possible?" Questioned Luna.

Fluttershy continued to explain that after the Sirens showed up in the other world Twilight found a way to open the portal and travel to and from whenever she wanted too. This was to aid her friends she made in the other world, and so she could continue to learn from this world as well.

"Could that be causing this problem?" Luna asked her sister.

"Unlikely." Celestia responded. "The amount of magic that would cause something like this would have to be much more massive. Similar to a tear in reality from either side."

This was a loss to all of them. Nopony knew what was going on to cause this or how to stop the damage that was happening across Equestria.

"Pinkie Pie and Rarity are headed to the Crystal Empire to talk to Sunburst." Fluttershy informed the princesses. "Hopefully he will have some ideas with all the books he has read."

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