Chapter 18

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As Spike and Starlight reach the end of the portal they were violently flung out of it.

"Well that's two." Rainbow stated as Sunburst helped his friend up and Rarity aided in helping Spike back to his claws.

"Oh. Are you ok Spiky Wikie?" Rarity asked as she helped him up.

"I'm just fine." He said with the typical love struck look in his eyes.

"Are you ok Starlight?" Sunburst now asking his friend.

"I'm fine, but where is Twilight?" She answered in a panic. "I thought she was right behind us?" No sooner did she finish her question out came Twilight flying across the room to be stopped from hitting the wall by her Sister-in-law Princess Cadence.

"Thanks that could have hurt." Twilight thankful she did not hit the wall of books.

"Ok, now pull the book and disconnect the tubes. That should stop the flow of magic and allow things to start to return to normal." Sunburst yelled to the ponies that were still near the device.

Rainbow went for the book, Pinkie and Applejack went for the tubes on opposite sides of the device to try and cut everything off at once. After they had finished, everypony looked and waited for things to start going back to normal. Especially Discord who was starting to get exhausted from maintaining his barrier of chaos around the castle that had shrunk to be the size of the room everypony was in.

"Why is nothing happening?" Fluttershy asked. Everypony looked around and noticed things were not getting better. "I thought after we shut down the portal everything would be ok?"

"Sunburst what could be causing this?" Starlight asked her friend.

"I don't know. Everything should have started to return. It's almost like something on the other side is keeping the portal open?" He said confused. "Like something is still drawing magic though to the other world."

As soon as he said this Twilight and Spike looked at each other and knew the answer, though neither one of them wanted to admit it.

"I believe I know what is causing the problem." Celestia stated knowing it would be difficult for the young princess to say it. "I believe it is Sunset."

"But, how can that be?" Starlight and Sunburst both a bit confused.

"She was originally from Equestria." Twilight finally able to collect herself. "She was the one who introduced magic to the other world originally."

"That would be a high chance. We need to get her back here too." Sunburst said. "But the thing is we can't chance anyone going back through the portal to get her."

Twilight motioned to Rainbow. Rainbow instinctively knew what she wanted. It was the book and without a word she brought the book to her.

"Twilight are you sure about this?" Shining Armor asked her.

"If we are still having problems that means so are they. I am sure that she will want to do what's best after all." This did pain Twilight but she knew the truth. As soon as she opened the book she saw new writing.

"Hope you all made it through. Things have not started to recover yet. In fact the opposite. Things are getting more and more crazy. Please help. Your friend Silver."

Silver still had the book and the girls were trapped by the vines and we're doing everything in their power to fight them back.

"Please Silver, can you see Daydream?" Twilight wrote back.

"Yes, but it is getting more difficult."

"I need you to toss the book to the girls if you can. I need to talk to them."

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