Chapter 8

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So, as the group arrives at Equestria University, they are in awe of the size of the school. Without realizing it the school was almost the size of a small city, and had buildings dedicated to so many different types of classes. Everything from simple Farming for Beginners too classes in law and others too. This shocked them beyond compare. Even Princess Twilight and Starlight where in shock thinking back to the schools in Equestria and thinking this is even larger than them.

"Oh dear sweet Celestia!" Exclaimed Princess Twilight. "I don't even know where to begin, this place is so huge."

"That just makes it more fun!" Came Pinkie Pie as energetic as ever. "We can start here or maybe here. Oh oh oh. I know. Let's start her." As she was bouncing around so fasten and pointing at so many different things she couldn't help herself.

"Woah there nelly, let's settle down a little." Apple Jack trying to regain a bit of control on the overly excited Pinkie.

"Sorry, couldn't help myself." Pinkie responded.

"So, now darling do you have any interest that could help us figure out something for you dear?" Rarity had posed this question.

"Honestly. I don't know. Till now I had not given it much thought." Sunset still a little apprehensive about this whole thing responded. "I think if we take a tour or talk to the dean maybe it will help?" She said questioning if it would help her herself.

"Oh. Why don't we talk to the Dean first?" Fluttershy came out and spoke up. "I've met him before and he was very helpful when I talked to him."

"That's a great idea Fluttershy." Came Twilight. "He might be able to give some insight to the school and the things that are offered. Also I would like more information myself. I think I may come here when I leave CHS."

This was a school that was known for high success for its graduates. As they walked around the school headed for the dean's office, they looked at all the different students in the school taking tours of their own. Even seeing some of their friends from CHS on tours. They happen to notice Trixie on one of the tours.

"Ah, so you all are thinking of going to the same school as the Great And Powerful Trixie, are you?"

"Hello Trixie!" They all said trying not to roll their eyes.

"So do you have an idea about your major?" Asked Sunset.

"I still have plenty of time for that after the tour."

"Ok. We will talk to you later." Sunset said as they walked away.

"As "energetic" as she is in Equestria." Princess Twilight joked.

As they proceeded to the dean's office Sunset began thinking even more.

"This is really happening. I don't know if this was a good idea." The comments could help but come from her.

"It's ok. I'm telling you that the dean is extremely nice." Stated Flutter Shy. "He will be able to help you.

"If you say so." Responded Sunset.

Now at the door to the dean's office ready to enter Sunset knocks on the door to hear a scruffy older voice. "Come In!"

As they enter the office they see a man with a scruffy small beard and eyebrows. He had on glasses and a nice brown suit.

"Hello Dean Discord!" Said Fluttershy.

It shocked Princess Twilight to hear this and the thought of Discord running a school kind of scared her based on how he is in her world.

"Ah. Flutter Shy dear. How are you?" Asked Discord. "I see you signed up for our veterinarian classes for after graduation. I know you will love the program. I see you brought some friends with you today."

"Oh yes. These are my friends from CHS as well. Apple Jack and Rarity have already signed up for classes too. Rainbow has been granted a scholarship for the sports program and Pinkie here has signed up to attend here too.  My friend Sunset here would like to have a tour of the school and see if she would like to attend here as well."

"That would not be a problem Flutter Shy dear. I will call in one of guides. I think he has a few students he is about to take on a tour. Besides Principle Celestia told me you all may be coming by and asked me to take good care of you all." Stated Dean Discord. "Silver Streak, please come to my office before you take out your next group of students."

Just a few minutes later in walks a boy about average height and build. Wearing a fedora and a short sleeve shirt with a vest over top silver in color. Walking with a cane due to his right leg being injured.

"Yes Dean, you called?" Asked Silver.

"Yes. I would like for these girls to join your group."

"Of course Dean. I am sure they will be a great addition. I have a small group right now with only one guy with blue hair as of right now."

"All right girls. I will leave you in Silver's capable hands to take you on the tour and we hope to see you all after graduation." Dean Discord had them leave the office for the tour.

Just as they were leaving the office they heard on the small radio in his office that odd weather phenomenon where happening across the city. They wrote this off for now.

"As the Dean said, I am Silver Steak. Feel free to call me Silver and I will be your guide for the day."

"Thank you. I am Sunset Shimmer and these are my friends." She went through everyone till she got to the two Twilights. "This is Twilight Sparkle and her twin sister, Midnight Sparkle." Just as she finished the introductions both Spikes popped their heads out of their respective bags.

"And who might you two doggies be?" Asked Silver.

Without thinking both Twilight and "Midnight" said "SPIKE!"

"Wow. You even gave your dogs the same name. You really are twins. Well let's head to the tour."

As the group headed out of the building to meet up with the other member of their tour they had a little more conversation about what brought Sunset to the school.

Just as they walked outside they saw the one additional member, Flash Sentry.

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