Chapter 4

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As the three travel through the portal to visit some old friends, a spark of magic comes out of the book that was allowing them to communicate with the other world.

As the three get to the other world they are sent flying out of the other side somewhat violently more so than ever before. Twilight and Spike stand up like this isn't the first time but Starlight falls over not used to her new form. No sooner do they come out do the 7 friends come running out the front door of the school to see what is going on and to lend a hand to their friend.

"TWILIGHT!!!" Comes from the excited Pinkie glad to see her friend after so long.

Less than a moment after comes the same comment from the rest, well all but Sunset, a little shocked at her friend showing up so fast.

Sunset assists Starlight up, and introduces herself to her.

After some interdictions from Starlight to rest, Sunset asks "Why did you come and what happened?"

"I was concerned about you. When you said you wanted to talk I thought it would be nice for us to talk face to face to find out if I can help and to give my student a nice lesson on friendship while I'm at it." Responded Princess Twilight Sparkle.

Sunset with a smile on her face was exited to hear that her friend was that concerned for her that she would travel worlds to talk.

After a moment of explaining the situation to Princess Twilight Sparkle, she explains "That I understand. I felt similar feelings when I became a princess and that talking about it with my friends and looking at the possibilities can help making the choice a little easier."

At this moment Starlight Glimmer speaks up. "Twilight?" A little confused. "You said you wanted me to come along to meet your other friends, but is there something else I should do?"

At that moment Princess Twilight had an idea.

"How about we all go, and check out this School together in the morning? I can show you a way to help a friend. And I am sure that having friends go with you Sunset will make looking at the school a little easier."

Delighted by this idea Sunset agrees and says "if you don't have to head back right away, why not stay here for the night? We can use it to catch up and we can get an early start tomorrow?"

Liking this idea before Princess Twilight has a chance to respond as loud as she can "SLEEP OVER!!!" Shouted Pinkie Pie.

"That's a swell idea." AJ responses and in turn so do the others.

Starlight and Human Twilight are both a little worried about this idea due to Starlight is new to this world and Human Twilight is still somewhat new to the group and the idea of two Twilights just seemed odd to her.

At this moment. "It will be ok. This will give us a chance to not only catch up, but for us to get to know each other better." From Princess Twilight.

Fluttershy being as quiet as always. "Besides, we never get to spend time away from school."

Rarity "That's right darling. This will be great for all of us. And it will give me a chance to come up with some new ideas for outfits tomorrow."

As soon as she speaks up the look on both the Spike Dogs that of pure love at the idea of spending more time with Rarity.

The friends all hug and agree that this is a great idea. Starlight, still feels a little out of place, but at the same time believes in her teacher.

Just as they begin to walk away, and there back is to the portal a bolt of magic energy shoots out and goes off into the sky. They do not see this as they are distracted by having conversations as they leave the school.

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