Chapter 16

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"Well does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?" Dragon Spike asked finally regaining himself some.

"Well Spike that is what everyone is trying to figure out right now." Starlight told Spike while the others were discussing the situation and trying to remain calm. "Truth is, I wish Sunburst was here. If anyone or anypony could figure this out, it would be him."

As if almost on cue, Sunset's bag began to glow, though no one noticed it as they were still trying to come up with an idea on how to solve this. "Um guys." Starlight tried to get their attention. "Guys. Guys." Just then everyone heard a loud whistle. It was the now Dragon Spike and everyone stopped talking for a moment to look over at him and Starlight.

"Starlight has something to say." Spike told them as he stepped back and pointed to her.

"Oh, sorry dear." Rarity said.

"Yeah, what's up?" Applejack asked.

"Please go ahead Starlight. We are all friends here and I am sorry about not hearing you." The calm demeanor finally returning to Princess Twilight.

"Well I was just trying to tell you that Sunset's bag has a light coming from it."

Everyone looked over to her bag that was on the floor back by the entrance of the building. "That light? Can't be?" Sunset said a little confused at it.

"What's wrong?" Came Rainbow.

"Oh it's just the light from her pony com book." Came Pinkie. "You know? The one she uses to communicate with Equestria, duh."

Everyone gave Pinkie a quick look before the thought entered everyone else's minds. If Twilight is there with them, than who was using the book on the other side.

Daydream reached down to grab her bag and take out the book. She proceeded to open the book to see what was written on the inside. At this point Silver and Sunset where basically willing to except anything as the magic after all they had seen.

She opened the book to the following message.

"Dear Princess Twilight. This is Sunburst from the Crystal Kingdom, you know Starlight's friend. Anyway, we have a situation back here in Equestria and your friends told me this is the way to get ahold of you. As soon as you get this please write back we will be by the book. Please hurry."

"Wait wait wait!" Applejack said. "There are problems in Equestria and here. What are the odds?"

"If that is from Sunburst than it must be important." Came Twilight. "But as long as I am like this I can't write."

"But can we trust him?" Came human Sunset.

"If there is anypony you can trust it is Sunburst." Starlight standing up for her old friend. "Also we may be able to ask him about what is going on here so we can fix this problem too."

This was not a thought that had crossed even Twilight's mind. "That's ingenious!" Came Twilight. "But could someone write for me please?" Not the greatest when trying to write with these." As she held up her hands.

"Oh, let me?" Pinkie asked full of energy.

"I think it should be Daydream." Came Human Sunset. "For one the book is hers. Also think about it, she can write and understands both worlds better than anyone else here right?"

Everyone else looked at each other, nodded and looked back to Daydream. She knew that this was true so she did not eve. Have a need to argue. Picking up a Pen she proceeded to write back.

"Sunburst. What seems to be the problem back in Equestria?" Daydream began. "Please let us know how we can help."

Not a moment later they got a response. "Thank Celestia we got ahold of you. Long story short. Magic is out of control right now. We have been able to keep things safe for now but need your help."

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