Chapter 5

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Liz shoved Jenny into a side closet, the push was hard, it was obvious she was hurrying. She put her finger to her lip before closing the door. Jenny stayed quiet, but she strained her ears to listen. Liz rushed out of the room, and saw two police officers dressed neatly in uniform.

"Mrs. Abernathy?" The woman smiled and shook Liz's hand. The man examined Liz and then looked around the room. "Call me Em and this is Winston." Liz smiled, trying not to look like she was hiding something.

"We're looking for a Jennifer Hawkwood, stolen from the safety rooms. You see ma'am, she died yesterday and her body wasn't there in the morning." Winston spoke. His voice sent a chill down Liz's spine. "Have you seen here? She looks like this." Winston showed her a clear A5 photo of her. She was smiling and she looked like a normal teenage girl.

"Nope, never seen her before." Liz answered casually. When she looked up, Winston was glaring at her and Em tried to talk to him.

"Winston, calm down, let me talk to her." After hesitating for a while, Winston grunted and moved off to look at a few church paintings. "Sorry about that, he didn't have his morning coffee today so he's a little grumpy." Em smiled and Liz felt relaxed. "Are you sure you have never seen her before?"

"Yes, positive." Liz said, Em looked at her before smiling.

"Could we search the place then? She was last sighted heading here."

"Sure." Liz forced a smile but she needed to get Jenny out of here. Em smiled and beckoned to Winston before heading off. Liz watched as they studied every corner of the room. Liz started backing up towards the door when Winston saw her.

"What's behind that door?" Winston forgot about the Mary statue and started to come over, Liz cursed silently before smiling.

"Nothing officer." Liz's voice suddenly went a pitch higher, she had never a good liar. Winston raised an eyebrow before walking past her, through the door. Liz sucked in her breath and followed him. She found him looking under the desk.

"Officer, she isn't here." Liz tried to sound as calm as possible. Winston ignored her and continued walking around the room. Liz widened her eyes as he got closer to the closet. He got closer and closer, then he pulled the door open.

The closet was empty. Winston slammed the door shut and glared at Liz. She remained a calm expression but she was panicking inside. Where was she?

"Winston! Winston!" Em bursted into the room, she was gripping onto her walkie talkie so tight that her knuckles were white. "Hawkwood was just sighted near the local park!" Winston looked surprised, then it turned to an ugly smirk and followed closely by Em, he rushed out of the church.

Liz wanted to follow them but she needed to think of another way. How the hell did she get out of the closet?! Liz needed to get to her before they did. She grabbed her car keys and in a matter of seconds, she was on the road, speeding down to the park. 

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