Chapter 23

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"Ivan!" Jenny screamed as she ran towards the fallen demon. Her fingers brushed against his skin and it flaked off. "You demon! You heartless creature!" She turned towards the now smirking Cameron.

"He's the only demon here." He said coldly and Jenny felt a new anger flare inside of her. He dare call himself an angel. She shifted and stretched out her wings. 

"I am never going with you!" Jenny shrieked and lunged. Cameron dodged her talons with a swift movement. She crashed into the ground and dented the marble. The pain only drove her. She wanted to kill him. To hurt him. 

"Is that all you can do?" Cameron mocked. Jenny rose from the ground and lunged again, This time, Cameron wasn't so lucky. She pinned him against the wall, her talons digging into his pale throught, drawing blood.

But she was stupid to think Cameron couldn't fight back. Another white light flashed before her, blurring her vision and she found herself falling and meeting the hard marble. The burning senstation rippled across her skin.

"Daughter of Satan? This weak? I guess it came from your father after all. To fall for a human being." Cameron landed beside Jenny's withering body. And he kicked her hard. 

He raised his hand to her face and bent down so that they were face to face. "I gave you a choice to come willingly. I'm sorry, Jenny." Before blackness swallowed her, she heard his laugh. Evil. Inhumane. Horror. Cameron was insane.

Jenny woke up to nothing. Blank. Nothing. She tested her feet and saw that they were nailed to the ground. Blood seeped out of her wounds but she felt no pain. Was she dead? Heaven or Hell?

"Hello." A woman's voice said from no where in particular. It was sweet, light and soothing.

"Who's there?!" Jenny yelled but her voice sounded raw and raspy.

"Darling, it's been too long." A figure started appearing in front of her. Long brown hair, soft chestnut eyes. A warm smile.

" can't be!" Jenny cried.

"Do you not recognise your own mother?" Hayley stepped forward and the mist around her dispersed. She reached out and Jenny felt the warmth of her palm against her cheek. 

"Mum." She cried. 

"Now, now. Don't cry. Come with me. You will never cry again. We can finally live as mother and daughter."

Then Jenny was snapped back to reality. She threw Hayley's hand off her cheek and saw the hatred cover her mother's face. 

"It's not really you, is it? Cameron, there's no point in hiding." Jenny yelled.

The woman smiled and in a second, Cameron stood in her place And ugly smirk plastered on his face. "You're harder to fool than you look. Pity you're dead."

This time Jenny laughed. She laughed so lightly and almost mocking Cameron. "Oh dear Cameron. You've got it all wrong."

"What do you mean?"

Jenny smiled and reached and gripped Cameron by his throat. 

"No. No. This can't be happening, it's impossible! The dead can't touch the living–"

The second her fingers contacted with Cameron's skin, she was back. Back at the church and she smiled. She enjoyed the fear tht now clouded his eyes.

"Any last words?"

"How? No one can do that!" 

"Darling. You don't understand. You can't kill what's already dead. "And with that, Jenny ripped his throat out.

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