Chapter 10

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Jenny felt a thousand legs poke into her left arm, she muttered in her sleep and squatted at her left arm. Then she felt something slimy and she snapped awake. She screamed and the creature slithered off her arm.

"Angel! Angel!" The lights were turned on and Jenny frantically scrambled out of bed. Ivan wrapped a hand around her and pushed her behind him. When she saw the creatures, she nearly screamed again. 

They were around 5 meters long, slim body, with legs similar to centipedes'. They're slimy body left icky transparent slime everywhere, they didn't have a face, except for small leech-like mouth with sharp teeth and blood stained lips. 

Ivan made sure Jenny was well away from him before he shifted, he grew taller around 1 foot taller, which made his night shirt stretch. His skin turned to a misty grey and two sharp horns sprouted out of his head. His fingers grew into talons and his dark eyes burned with a new flame.

The closest 'bedbug' scuttled across the floor and pounced onto Ivan. If it's sharp feel wouldn't kill you first, you would die of suffocation under all that slime and fat. Instead of dodging out of the way, Ivan jumped up, with talons held out. His hand sliced through the thing as if it was made of cream. 

The head fell to the ground, squirmed a bit and then lay there dead. There wasn't any blood but it was still revolting. Ivan made his way through each one of them, at the end, there were heads, tails and bodies everywhere. 

Jenny kept her eyes on the grey towering figure. "Ivan?" In a blink of an eye, he was towering over her, she backed up until her back was flat against the wall. His sharp talons made dents in the wall. 

His eyes were still burning with the same fire, he lifted his hand and his talons scratched her face. She felt warm blood trickle down her face, she looked at Ivan, fear in her eyes. Then he lifted his talons and was about to strike.

The first few tears rolled down Jenny's face, mixing with the blood. Ivan hesitated and backed away. "Angel! I'm so sorry!" Ivan turned around and he started to shift back. His skin started turning back to his peach coloured 'human' skin. His horns disappeared and his fingers came back. His clothes were torn and he collapsed to the ground.

"Ivan..." Jenny ran towards him and knelt by his side. Then I smelt something, something burning. Under his thin white shirt, there was a warm black glow, then the signal was clearer. It looked like a tattoo, a glowing one. A dragon with it's tail intertwining with a cross. 

Then the door was blast open and Cara ran into the room. "Hawkwood! Stay back!"

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