Chapter 4

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Iris clutched onto her husband's arm, he looked down and gave her a warm smile. It assured her a bit. As she watched Leo walk off, with their child cradling in his arms, she felt a pang of fear. When her baby girl came back, she would have that dreaded tattoo, signalling her death date. Jenny hasn't even started living her life and she had to worry about dying.

Richard looked down at her wife, he squeezed her shoulder, trying to ease the nerves. Every parent dreaded or had dreaded this moment. When Leo disappeared into the room, Iris couldn't hold back the tears.

"Oh, Richard, what if she has to die young?" Richard wrapped his arms around her and let her weep.

"It'll be fine, I promise." Richard didn't show it, but he was scared too. His own brother had died at 2, and he didn't want that to happen to his daughter.

They were the only people in the church, not surprising as it was nearing midnight. Richard led them to the nearest pew and sat down. He held Iris's hand in his, interlocking their fingers. Iris's tattoo was showing, she was going to die in 3 days.

"Richard, promise me something." Tears were now streaming down her face now, she lifted her head so she was staring straight into his eyes. "Protect her when I'm gone, don't let her cry." The sight of his wife's tears made Richard's heart openup.

"I will." Richard pulled her in and hugged her tightly. Then he felt something warm and sticky leaking onto his fingers. He brought his fingers up to his face, it was bright red. Blood.

"Iris!" Richard pulled away from the hug and Iris fell limp in his hands, a huge hole in the back of her head. Fresh blood leaked everywhere and her lifeless body fell to the ground. Richard bent down and brushed her locks of golden brown hair out of the way.

With blood stained fingers, he found the outline of the hole and traced it with his finger. He let his tears flow free, the hole fitted the size of a bullet. There was already a pool of blood gathering at his feet.

"You're turn." A voice whispered behind him, and in a split second, Richard joined his wife on the floor, lifeless. 

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