Chapter 15

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She couldn't move, her heart was beating way too loud. The devil seemed to be absorbed in the cows head, blood stained it's hands and face, he kept on tearing out chunks of meat and chewing.

Jenny slowly started backing up, then she accidentally let out a small gasp as she leaned on to her left ankle. She cursed as the devil discarded the head and looked at her.

His eyes were narrowed into thin slits and slowly started crawling towards her. Jenny knew that she should start running when the rogue was confused, but she felt her feet were nailed to the ground, she couldn't move. 

The rogue was closing in the distance now, he was a few meters away. Then he gave a last sniff, growled and jumped. Jenny barely dodged out of the way, he hit the wall and grunted before pouncing again. 

His talons were sharp and blood stained, his jagged teeth had meat chunks stuck to them. Jenny then snapped out of her fear, she examined her chances. She would defiantly lose in a running match. She didn't have wings or any flying device. And there was no one around, they were all safe back in their homes.

Her best move now was run, run into the open for any guard to see. Ivan must've been alerted by now. She turned onto the side and the devil rushed past her. The devil roared in pain as he smashed head first into the other wall. 

Jenny turned around and started running, afraid to look back. The fear in her seemed to block out the pain that shot through her ankle. She stole a look back, the devil was staggering back to his feet. She had a few meters head start. 

She turned the corner, her eyes scanning the darkening sky for a guard. If she didn't get indoors before sunset, she would have a whole lot of other problems to deal with. The drum of footsteps were getting closer, that urged her to run faster. She was never a fan for cross country.

She cursed as she tripped and rolled her already sprained ankle, the pain was immense now and she fell to the ground. She wanted to slap herself for being so clumsy, but that wouldn't help her situation right now. Maybe later, if she survived tonight. 

Out of the corner of her eyes, she saw the devil turn the corner. He ran like a four-legged animal, hands first then feet, moving in pairs. He was closing the distance between them. Jenny wasn't going to give up, she tried standing up and fell back down when she tried to put weight onto her ankle. 

All she could do was watch as the devil's hungry face come closer until he was a meter away. It jumped up, his talons ready to tear her heart out. Jenny shut her eyes, not wanting to see the devil eating up her flesh, she gave once last cry out. 

When she didn't feel the talons sinking into her chest, she slowly opened her eyes and saw the devil lying beside her, in a pool of blood. If something could kill that in a second, she knew she was in bigger trouble.

"Jenny, it's fine now." Someone said softly by my side, her vision was blurry, she blinked and everything started focusing. Jenny sat up, looking around her. She felt warm blood against her fingers, she looked down and resists the urge to scream. 

The rogue devil lay beside her, his head facing up, there was a nasty hole where his heart was meant to be. Instead, there was a dark hole and blood spilled out. 

"He would have done something way worse to you, let's get you home." Ivan said and helped her get up. She nearly fell back down when she tried to walk, luckily, he was there, his hands ready. 

With Ivan's help, she waddled back the way she came, the last rays of sunlight disappearing behind the horizon land.

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