Chapter 14

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Jenny finished talking and took a sip of coffee, she looked up and Ivan was pale and his jaw dropped. She couldn't help but savour this moment, she was Satan's daughter, she didn't know why but she sounded proud.

"So, are you going to bow down to me now or what?" She smirked.

"You know what this means right?!" Ivan said and hit the table as he stood up. Jenny shook her head and looked confused. "That would mean you would have to become a devil! There's a chance of death during the process, how could a father do that to their own daughter? Even though he is Satan." He sat back down and suddenly the pride left her, she needed to become a devil? But she had the urge to protect her father.

"Well, if I don't do this, there will be no World left!" This time she stood up, how could he be so selfish, this war could wipe out the whole Earth. When she finally had the chance to do something useful in her life, he wasn't going to take it away from her. She left her coffee and stormed out of the room, she slammed her bedroom door behind her.

She barely noticed the tears blurring her vision as she crawled into her bed. And she thought he would understand, but she was wrong. Then a small head popped out of the wall and Jenny shrieked and sat up. Then she noticed it was the same pug messenger and she calmed down.

The messenger flapped over to her and whispered into her ear. He told her that she was to go to the Castle Lab in 3 days time, for her appointment with Dr. Redd. She trailed after the messenger until it disappeared behind the wall again. She needed to entertain herself for 3 days before she God devilised and she would return to the human world. This time as a devil.

She went over to the window, outside was barren red land. She was really high up, she wouldn't make jump without hurting herself. Worth it. She opened the window, scanned her landing area and jumped. Air rushed past her ears, the ground was coming dangerously fast. She landed and rolled, pain shot through her ankle, she tried moving it then winced at the pain.

She slowly stood up, looking at the window she just jumped out of. She couldn't put weight on her right led, so she ended up wobbling off. She didn't know where to go, she just needed to get away from the building. 

The land stretched on until it met the dark red clouds at the horizon line. Then she saw a figure in the sky, it started descending, it's great wings folded behind her. 

"Jenny," she bowed so suddenly that Jenny was surprised. 

"Who are you and why are you bowing?" The woman lifted her head and smiled.

"You are the Lord's daughter aren't you?" Then she saw her face lit up with recognition. "I'm Shana, we've met before. At the safety rooms." Jenny's jaw dropped and Shana couldn't help but laugh at her reaction. "I'm Ivan's older sister, well devil sister, we were raised together."

Shana was tall, her light red skin mixed with the sky's, her horns were curved, not as great as Bruce's though. "There's no need to bow." Jenny went red and Shana smiled. 

"What are you doing out here? It's dangerous, especially today. Aren't you supposed to be with Ivan?"

"He's being a jerk, I told him about my meeting with my 'dad' and he went all protective when I said I had to go and talk to God." Shana looked at her as if she wasn't serious, when she saw her clenched fist, she bursts into a laughing fit. "What's so funny?"

"Ivan, he has always been the rule breaker, to think him as an overprotective person, never. He must care about you a lot."

Jenny rolled her eyes and then remembered something. "Why can't I be out here and what's happening today?" Shana instantly stopped laughing and looked serious.

"Every week, there's a night where rogue devils are allowed out of their 'cages'. But their wings were removed from them, us guards roam the sky, watching out for any unfortunate devils that forgot to leave land." Jenny shivered, maybe jumping out of the window wasn't such a good idea. "I've got to go, I'll tell Ivan. Make your way home before sunset." 

She watched as her magnificent wings unfolded and with a flap she was a small figure in the sky. Around her, the sky was getting a deeper red, light maroon. She hurried her footsteps, she didn't want to be out when hell was let loose. 

She turned the corner and froze. In front of her, around 20 meters away, was a figure eating a dead cow head. Where their devil wings were meant to be, there were ugly and badly sewn up stumps.

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