Chapter 16

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"Sh*t." Ivan swore as he saw three rogue devils wandering around. He picked Jenny up, "Hang on." They took to the sky and Jenny looked down, the three devils were glaring up. She nearly fell off when she saw the tallest one holding an inch long nail.

"Ivan, he's holding a nail. You may want to fly faster." Ivan cursed and flapped his giant devil wings, then when she looked back down. The devil was no longer holding the nail and it was speeding towards us. 

She opened her mouth to yell out but it peirced through Ivan's left wing. He grunted and started falling, the floor was rushing close to meet them. He wrapped his arms securely around her and braced for impact when they hit the ground.

"Ivan! Are you alright?" Jenny whispered and helped him up.

"Yeah, but we have to get out of here quick, even though normal devils are stronger than rogues. Three against one is still a definatly loss." She nodded and started running, holding onto Ivan. There was the ocasional rustle in the dirt. 

Then she heard Ivan yell out and release his grip on her hand, she looked back and saw them wrestling on the ground. Both of their talons drawing blood. Jenny stood there, dumbstruck. Then she remembered the other two, she looked around her. Fear grappling at her heart. 

 When she looked back at them, she nearly screamed. The devil had Ivan pinned and his talons were stained with dark blood. With only one thought swimming in her mind she tackled the devil. She needed to save Ivan, she couldn't just stand by and watch a person that she cared about die. Not like she did with her fake parents.

The devil growled and recovered, he seemed to forget about Ivan and glared at the girl that just tackled him. When he moved closer, Jenny's courage disappeared. She backed away, at least he forgot about Ivan. 

He jumped onto her and his grip was strong. She couldn't move, she would've never expected this was the way she died. She stared right into his eyes. The devil hesitated then whimpered and scuttled away.

She was confused as she sat up, her head felt dizzy and then she fainted. 

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