Chapter 12

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Jenny was glad that when she woke up, there was no huge slimy centipede trying to eat her. The lights were on and she heard someone in the kitchen. She would leave the memories of last night after breakfast. She crawled out of bed and went straight to the bathroom. After a hot shower and a new change of clothes, she sat down at the dining table.

Ivan still had on his granny apron, when he saw her, he did a little jig and it somehow broke the awkward silence a little. Jenny laughed and Ivan smiled as he placed a plate of scrambled eggs and bacon in front of her.

"Now I know where you learnt to cook this." She took bites out of the crisp bacon. When she saw Ivan's eyes flicker with sorrow, she instantly added. "I didn't mean it that way. These are really good."

"Thanks." Ivan seemed to cheer up and started eating his own, trying not to choke on the food. "It's been centuries since I had human food. It's really foreign now." Jenny chuckled and saw him poke at his eggs.

Then something flew in through the wall, Jenny flinched and Ivan was the one that laughed. "It's fine, it's only a messenger." The messenger was the size of a puppy, two grey wings sprouted out of it's back. His wrinkled face reminded Jenny of a bulldog's. The messenger whispered into Ivan's ear and he turned pale. He stayed quiet until the little flying bulldog disappeared through the wall.

"What did he say?"

"It's a she have your hearing with Satan today, at 12:00 sharp." Ivan said and he suddenly became really interested in his fork.

"What?! Today?! Cara said it was going to be weeks away!"

"I'm not sure what happened but Satan requested for you himself. We better get ready, I have to be there with you since I was your escort." Ivan stood up and collected their plates, scraping the food into the bin and dumping the plates into the sink.

Jenny stood up, she wasn't looking forward to see Satan. She heard a lot of tales when she was a kid about how 'it' burned and tortured people just for entertainment. She decided to dress to impress, Satan wasn't going to kill her, if he did want to, he could've just gotten Ivan or Cara.

"Do you have any girl clothes?" Jenny asked Ivan in his room.

"Let me introduce to you, the best closet in the whole Underworld."

"I'm pretty sure, it's the only one." Ivan ignored me and led me to his walk in closet. When he pushed the doors open, the closet was huge, racks and racks of clothing and shelves of shoes. "You're welcome." And he left her to marvel at the choices.

After a long time of changing and 'Oohs' and 'Nahs', Jenny finally decided on an outfit. She went with a white lace maxi dress. When she finished, it was 11:30.

"How long does it take to get to Satan's house?" Jenny asked as she found Ivan in his room. He gave her a weird look before laughing, this annoyed her. "What's so funny?"

"Angel, the Underworld is Satan's 'house'. You just have to meet him at the alter."

"You have an altar?" Jenny said and sat down at the foot of his bed and started plaiting her hair.

"Yes, and what's up with you? You look like you're going to a ball instead of meeting the Lord of the Dead." Ivan said and ruffled his hair.

"Are you really going to see your boss like that?"

"Yeah." He shrugged and Jenny put her plait into a bun and left the room. She was determined not to let Satin think of her as a weak mortal, though she was one.

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