Chapter 21

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Jenny ran as if her life depended on it, with every step, her feet felt heavier. Once she bursts into through the church doors, she spotted the alter. 

A huge stone cross towered over the statues of Mary and Joseph. Non-scented candles surrounded them, even though it just gave a faint glow, staring at them made her eyes sore.

She didn't stop running, she reached the altar and kneeled down. Then realization hit Jenny, it felt as if the wind was knocked out of her, her head felt light and dizzy. 

Jenny didn't know how to summon God. She, herself, wasn't a Christian so she didn't know what to call him.

God, please, if you're listening to me, please answer. She said in her head. On her knees and her hands clapped shut in front of her. She prayed over and over again, hoping God would answer her.

By the pasting second, the pain in her feet and knees were growing constantly. Forget about trying to make a deal, she had to summon him first. 

Jenny jumped when she heard heavy footsteps, she turned around and saw a group of people dressed in white robes. Priests were the last thing she needed to deal with. 

"What do you think you're doing here?" Said the old man in the front, he seemed to be the head priest.

"Uh, praying?" Jenny said uncertaintly. A woman on his right raised an eyebrow, she marched down the rows of wooden pews and stood face to face with her.

She must've been in her early 30s and she wasn't much taller than her. She looked at me from several different angles and then she gasps. 

The woman tumbled backwards and the colour drained from her already pale face. She looked as if she saw a ghost, soon her companions joined her and looked concerned.

"Marcus...Marcus..." Jenny was left shocked. The old man came up to the frail woman and she whispered into his ear.

He also turned a ghastly pale, he did a small weird finger pointing thing with his hand and in a flash, two men hooked their arms in mine and started marching off. The man called Marcus leading us to the back of the church.

"What-" Jenny opened her mouth to speak as she got cuffed onto a metal table. Her feet were tied together and firmly on the table. Her whole vision was on a side as she watched the priests circled her. 

Marcus walked up to the table, he raised his hand and moved it from shoulder to shoulder to head and then back again. 

"She's only a mere teenager girl, the devils are getting crueler and crueler." Jenny inched her head and heard the whispers.

"Yeah and it's a pity."

"She is really pretty too. Wonder what her business with god is..." The whispers were cut off when Marcus pulled out a bottle and another object, he placed the two on the table. 

Jenny's head was fixtated to the table so it limited movement. Marcus bent over and did something, when he came back into veiw, he was holding something that made Jenny's heart stop.

It felt as if time slowed down, even though it was a mere millisecond, Jenny caught it, a smirk left Marcus's lips and it instantly turned into a scowl.

"Lord, forgive me." He whispered and the inch-long stake came down.

Jenny gasps and started withering under the firm grip of the boundaries. She felt the sharp point peirce through the fragile skin covering her heart. 

But that wasn't half as painful as the holy water. The priest had covered the stake with the burning water. 

It started small, spreading through her skin. The burning got more intense and now it felt as if her insides were flaming up. 

She screamed and her vision blurred. Blood started gushing out and stained her shirt. Tears poured out, nearly matching the speed of the blood.

The burning didn't show any signs of stopping and it now felt as if she was imploding.

And finally, the pain stopped and Jenny's body fell limp. The priests all had their heads down and muttering. Their job here was done, they had killed the girl.

Marcus turned around, getting ready to follow the others out, leaving the body here for the cleaners. 

Then he froze when he heard a small laugh. His whole body went cold when he turned around.

There sat the girl, the girl they thought they had killed, the girl that showed no sign of strengh, up until now. The girl was dangling her feet and smiling like crazy. The broken hand cuffs lying beside her. 

Did he make a mistake? The stake should have surely killed her, even to a devil, holy water was like acid to them. And here she was laughing.

She looked down and seemed surprise that there was a stake sticking out of her chest. That made her laugh harder and she didn't seemed to notice her blood stained shirt.

She pulled the bloody stake out of her heart and smiled at him, "Was that meant to hurt?"

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