Chapter 2

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I woke up at approximately 5.30. Quickly before heading to my first day of work I prepared myself a stack of pancakes and french toast.

I rushed into the bathroom. "Ok Karla you have to look good on your first day of work" I took my hot shower, brush my teeth and put on my clothes I had set down the night before.

My work?

I was signed to this company , who wanted me to become their female singing artist. They saw my videos and wanted to help me become an artist.

I took a taxi and after 15 minutes, there it was BIG HIT ENTERTAINMENT.

I walked into the room looking for the guy i had spoke to last night about my contract. There he was sipping his coffee.

I sat opposite of him and we started to discuss some agreements of the contract and all of that.

He showed me around the place and honestly, it was huge. They had a couple of studios for other artist but i shared a studio with BTS.

My memory isnt so good but i think i have heard of them before.

I came into the studio room where i was asked to sing a few songs to warm up with.

I sang the songs into the mic, while looking at the guy. He was my coach, he was the guy that will help me become the person i dream to be.

When i finished with the singing, he congratulated me and told me i can go home

As i opened the door, i bumped into a tall figure and fell backwards.

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