Chapter 5

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Before i knew it, i was outside of the coffee shop. I looked inside and tried to look for NamJoon but he was surrounded by his fans.

Me on the other hand being the non famous one just walked home.

Taking my shoes off and putting it aside i rushed to my room. I started to think of song ideas myself since NanJoon was busy.

My frustration burst out and i ended up writing a whole song by midnight.

The song was mostly about this girl falling for a guy who cant seem to take care of her. He was too busy with his other life which is being an artist.

Let me say this now, it is based on a true story.


"Say something, i'm giving up  on you. I'll be the one if you want me to....." i stopped as NamJoon walked into the studio sitting next to my coach.

"Take 5" my coach said into the mic

I thanked my coach and turned the doornob to walk out.

I passed by NamJoon who wanted to say something to me. I handed him a piece of paper.


She stopped singing as i walked in. I waited outside to talk to her. She just passed by me but handed me a piece of paper.

It was a song

I fell for you from the day that we met,
And now that i'm with you i'm filled with regrets,
Wherever you sit that's where i sat,
I'm nothing but a bunny in your hat.

I want to know more about you,
But the people surrounding you would stop me,
I want to know if it's true
The connection that i see...

Shocked at the song, i searched for Karla. I found her sitting down by a window eating her sandwich.

I sat next to her

"Do you like me? " i asked
"No" she respond quickly, her face turns red
"Jinjja?" I said leaning towards her


Oh my god, he is leaning in closer. What should i do???? Should i run or stay and hope it is what i was hoping.

"Then what is this song about?"

"This is the song we are going to use for promoting me as Big Hit Entertainment's new artist. Remember? It is due tomorrow!" I hit him in the head.

"Oh" he said, looking dissappointed.

"Well what were you thinking then?"

"Well i thought you wrote this song after we went to that coffee shop. You like me dont you? It says it in the song. Just admit it"

"I will admit that you make me blush. I don't fall for guys, they fall for me. I won't fall for a guy that left me outside a coffee shop" i snapped at him

"Hahahhaha sounds like me huh?"

NamJoon invited me over to his place he shared with the other 6 guys to make me feel better.

We worked more on the song and Nj's rapping part.

Jin cooked dinner. He is really good at cooking.

"Noona, what are you doing here" Jungkook smirked

"Are you here because you came to your senses and want me?" Jimin asked

"Isn't it obvious what she's here for?" V said

"NamJoon!" J-hope screamed clapping his hands together.

"Too cute" suga said

"We are working on our new song" NamJoon finally open up

"Love song, im guessing?" Jin smiled.

Tick tock tick tock

The hours passed by and i start to feel tired. I laid down on the sofa with my notebook in my hand. The next thing i know my eyes shut closed.

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