Chapter 3

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"Ow!" I said falling on my butt. "Oh my god, im so sorry" a familiar voice, the figure held out its hand for me to grab a hold of it.

Face to Face, our eyes met. No other than NamJoon

"This is Karla" my coach said to NamJoon who already knew my name. He smirked.

"Nice to meet you, I am Kim NamJoon"
I giggled to myself. I stood aside to let NamJoon in. Behind him? 6 other guys who look drop dead gorgeous.

I was introduced to the boy band. BTS. The members were
Jin the pretty boy
Jimin the hot guy
JungKook the teenage dream boy
J-hope the happy one
V the weird one
Suga the cute sugar
and NamJoon the leader.

After waiting for bts's practice to finish which took about 4 hours, i finally saw him again.

I smiled at him and walked outside.Hoping he would follow me


Her smile, took my breath away. It was obvious she wanted me to follow her. As she walked outside, i walked behind her. It was as if she had put me under a spell.

She stopped.

I put my hands over her eyes covering it.

"Isn't it funny how a girl can leave someone and completely meet him again? It is like fate brought them together."

She took my hand and opened them.

Our eyes met, "Isn't funny how a girl can smile at a guy and he would just follow her?"she replied.

We laughed together.

There is something about her, her well being, just gives me the joy to live life to its fullest.

We walked down the street, keeping the conversation going.

It was nice talking to her, its like i have known her for all my life, yet she thinks i am nobody.

"I forgot!" She said "What is it?" She hands me a piece of paper... Her number.

"How are you getting home?"
" I just take the taxi'

"Oh its ok, i can take you home. I already know your house address"

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