Chapter 1

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I woke up to the sound of the plane landing. Finally after 10 hours, i arrived at korea's international airport.

I quickly searched for my black luggage bag. A bag that was just plain black and could be mistaken so easily.

I panicked. I couldnt find my bag. It has all of my belongings inside such as my camera, clothes, computer. I thought this to myself putting my face in my palm.

I look around for my bag and spotted a guy holding my bag. He was surrounded by a bunch of girls and two bodyguards. They were cheering for him and asking for a picture.

Without a second thought i ran towards the guy,  and grabbed his wrist hard enough for him to turn. "Sorry this is my luggagge bag your taking"

He looked so confused but He eventually grabbed my hand and pulled me to the corner so there was no big scene. His two bodyguards covering him making sure no one could see him

" I think you have mistaken my bag for yours" his voice so deep and his english so interesting....I think he was korean.

Frustrated, i pulled my bag and he pulled it  harder. In the end i fell backwards on my back causing the bag to tear.

Tears ran down my face.

Like i said it was mine. White shirts, skinny jeans all over the floor thanks to him.

The guy did apologise, and honestly i didn't forgive him.
He helped me out by packing my clothes back into my luggage.

I got up with my torn luggage and searched for the exit. Looking at the time, i knew i had to be quick.

Before i could rush out to get a taxi he grabbed my hand. Again

"I see you want to get a taxi?
Why don't I give you a ride? I truly feel bad" he smiled.This smile of his was sincere, cute and melted my heart a bit. So i agreed.

I jumped into his car, it was white and inside it was luxurious. His guards stayed in the back seat.

He started the engine. I showed him the address of the place i was staying.

In the car-

He introduced himself as Kim Nam Joon, a rapper from a boy band BTS. Bts.. I thought to myself. I think i have heard of them but i couldn't put my finger on it.

Obviously i didn't believe him so i asked him to rap a song for me. He finished rapping and i am left there stunned.

"My name is Karla"

"What are you doing here in korea?"

"I am fulfilling my dreams of becoming a female singing artist." I said proudly.

"I guess we have a lot of things in common?" He smirked.

" No we dont, i dont tear other peoples luggage"


As if that wasn't enough, he asked ME to rap.

"I cant rap"

"Come on, rapping is way easier than singing"

"I can only rap in english" i mumbled

"Go ahead"

Like a toy, i followed his orders and started rapping.
He clapped his hands together and said "Daebak!"

I blushed.

What is "Daebak?"
"Oh i'm sorry, i didn't know you couldn't speak korean"

After lots of rapping we arrived.

"Does it look like i can speak korean?" I raised a brow.
What does "Daebak" mean?

"Your cute Karla"
"I will tell you one day, if we meet again." He laughed.

I agreed to him and opened the car door. Before closing the door his deep voice again

" Can i have your phone number? Just in case anything happens"

I smiled " Nope, you can have it one day if we meet again"

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