Chapter 4

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The next day

I wanted to know what BTS was all about. I searched them up and wow they are a big deal. Concerts, albums and millions of fans WORLDWIDE.

My phone rang waking me up from my daydream. It was NamJoon

"Hello?" He said with his deep voice that just made me smile.

"I gave you my phone number yesterday and you called this fast?" I laughed on the phone.

"Your manager wants to see you and i together"

"What? Really?"

"I guess we must be in trouble" his voice filled with excitement.

I had to go to the studio to talk to my manager.

I walked in and there he was, my manager. He looks like the kind of guy that would bite your head off if anything went wrong.

"Karla right?"
"Yes its me"
"I am Park Tae Hyun, your manager"

A knock on the door stoped our conversation. NamJoon walked in looking so good. Black jeans, white shirt and a pink hat.

"Park Tae Hyun!" NamJoon gave the man a high five. Maybe they knew each other already.

"I am here to talk business"
His voice changed into serious mode.

"To promote our new star Karla, Big Hit entertainment have decided that you RapMon and Karla shall both work together in writing a song"
He paused for a moment

I stared at NamJoon he was once again extremely excited and i on the other hand worried. I don't know if i like him. He's weird. Also, i work alone.

"You both shall finish this in 2 weeks, we will be releasing the song first on youtube"

The conversation took about 2 hours to discuss everything in detail.

I walked out of the room feeling so stressed.


I put my arm on her shoulders to calm her down from stressing out. She turned around and said "thank you"

"Lets have some coffee" i said, grabbing her hand and going to the nearest coffee shop.

I walked into the shop holding her hand, soon after fans were crowding around me. Most were questioning the fact that Karla was a new face.

It was all clear to me, why she was so stressed out. Not because of the song writting task, she was stressed about my fans.

Click click click

An hour pass for me to get going with all the picture session with my fans and autograph.

When i was done, Karla was nowhere to be seen

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